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High Quality Hi Vis Jackets

Hi Vis Jackets In A Range Of Styles

Our range of high visibility jackets are the ideal way to ensure you are seen when working on site. We stock a huge range including different styles, colours, materials and standards to suit almost every application.

We stock a number of high vis jackets that are made from quality materials, they feature only the best branded zips and reflective materials ensuring they last and withstand use in some of the harshest environments. This higher level of quality ensures they retain their visibility, and wont let you down, giving you peace of mind whilst working in dangerous environments.

Choose from a range of styles of hi vis waterproof jackets to suit all applications whether you are working on the road or on a construction site we have a hi vis coat to keep you dry. If you just want to keep warm our range of hi vis softshell jackets and hi vis fleece jackets have you covered, with many of them being cross compatible with our hi vis waterproof storm coats allowing you to layer up when required.

Pulsar Hi-vis Jackets

Key Features To Consider When Buying A High Vis Coat

EN Compliance


Of primary concern when buying any hi visibility clothing should be its compliance with relevant standards. Most hi vis jackets are EN ISO 20471 Class 3 but it is always best to check before making a purchase.

Mesh Liner Material On A Pulsar Storm Coat

Liner Material

Choosing a coat with the right liner is important, afterall it will likely be the part that you make the most contact with. By choosing a quality material you can be sure that the jacket will be comfortable.

Dirty Hi-vis Workwear

How Many Washes

High visibility clothing is only rated for a set amount of washes, after wich it may not meet the reflectiveity and luminance standards that it is required to meet.

Pulsar RFX Reflective On Hi-vis Workwear

Reflective Material

Ensure that the reflective tape on your chosen jacket is made by a reputable brand. Ideally it should be heat pressed and stitched on to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

High Quality YKK Zip On Pulsar Hi vis Jacket

Zipper Quality

Look for a high visibility jacket with a good quality branded zip. Better quality zips will not come undone unexpectedly which can result in entanglement or just a cold shock.

Zip-up Chest Pocket

Zip Up Pockets

Consider if you need zip up pockets to keep belongings secure in. Many jackets feature waterproof phone pockets others may just have a simple flap covering the pocket.

Large Internal Document Pocket

Internal Pockets

If you need to keep documents or other items flat and dry an internal document pocket is a great feature that is present on many of our hi vis jackets and coats.

Clear Waterproof ID Card Holder

ID Holders

Having your ID to hand and securely stored can make getting into a construction site easier. Many of the jackets we supply have flip out ID holders within their external pockets for just this reason.

Multi-layered Interactive Storm Coat


Do you want a high visibility coat that does it all keeping you warm and dry, or would you prefer a system that you can layer up over a fleece or softshell jacket. With the changeable UK weather this should be a consideration.

Yellow And Orange Jackets


What colour of Hi Visibility jacket you need will depend on the role you work in, the industry you work in and even the company you work for. Be sure to check that you are buying the right colour.

Quality Nordic Style Hood On Pulsar Hi vis Jacket


Do you need a coat with a hood, if so do you need to be able to detach it or stow it away for those times when it is not raining. Many hoods also have adjusters to get a better weather seal.

Windproof Jacket


Are you likely to be working in exposed windy environments? If so look for a jacket with built in wind proofing or a jacket that is compatible with windproofng layers.

Hi-vis Jacket Coated With Weather Proof Material


If you work outside in the UK you will almost certainly want to have a hi vis rain jacket of some sort. Ensure that your chosen jacket has a good waterproof rating.



All waterproof jackets will also come with a breathability rating, this is important as sweat and moisture from inside the coat needs to be able to escape.

Pulsar Life Range Ecological Workwear

Green Design

What materials is the jacket you are looking to purchase made from? There are many jackets available now primarily made from recycled materials.

Pulsar Reversible Interactive Body Warmer


Some of our jackets are reversible, meaning you can turn them inside out at the end of a shift at which point they resemble a sports jacket which is better suited to the commute home.

Arc Flash Rating

Arc Flash Rating

Do you work around high voltage electrical equipment and therefore need something that is rated for arc flash?

Railworker Wearing Hi-vis Workwear

Rail Usage

If you work on the rail network in the UK you will need to ensure that your chosen item of hi vis clothing is RIS-3279 compliant.

Full Length Zip On Pulsar P187 Coat

Full Length Zip

Having a full length zip ensures that you will not experience any unexpected drafts or leaks (especially important on hi vis winter jackets).

Adjustable Waist

Adjustable Waist

Keep out breezes and drafts that can be unpleasant during colder months. Jackets like our High Vis Bomber jacket feature elasticated waist bands that help seal out drafts.

Adjustable Cuffs

Adjustable Cuffs

Much like an adjustable waist having adjustable or elasticated cuffs can help keep unwanted breezes out of your sleeves and help keep you warm on windy days.

Other Types Of Hi Visibility Clothing From Our Range

Hi Vis Trousers

Hi Vis Trousers

Browse our range of hi-vis trousers, with waterproof options available in a range of colours and sizes.

Hi Vis Waistcoats

Hi Vis Vests

Ideal for wearing over normal workwear to add extra visibility when required at work or on site.

Hi Vis Overalls

Hi Vis Overalls

When you need to cover every base our hi visibility overalls are a great way to protect your clothes whilst remaining visible.

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Ideal for summer months where a long sleeved polo shirt will still keep you visible but will also be cooler than a jacket or jumper.

Need Help Finding The Right Hi Visibility Jacket Or Coat?

Do not panic we are here to help you, we have a range of hi vis traffic jackets, coats, fleeces and more available in both yellow and orange. Even if you are just looking for a work jacket then we can help you find something from our range of workwear. Our friendly staff are here to help you either on chat or by phone on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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