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Half Mask Respirators - Order Online

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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)

Half Mask Respirators For Use On Site

Spray Painter Wearign A Half Mask

Our range of half-face respirator masks is among our website's most popular RPE. You will find a range of mask sizes within our lineup of half-face masks to suit almost every face shape and size. The wide assortment of masks we offer make protecting your workforce from hazardous dust and vapours easier than ever before. The tight seal offered by the flexible mask facepiece makes these far more robust than disposable masks that can easily be knocked loose.

The design of the half-face mask respirators we offer makes them compatible with a vast range of PPE on the market. Unlike full face masks, these can be worn with prescription glasses, goggles, and even face visors and shields. This makes them ideal for site work where power tools make eye protection a requirement and RPE is required.

You can purchase our range of tight-fitting reusable half masks with or without filters. This enables you to assemble your mask with the most suitable filters for your given activity- and makes the half-face mask one of the most diverse and easily deployable RPE products on the market.

Example Half Mask Respirator Uses

Worker Cutting Concrete

Cutting Concrete

With vast amounts of silica dust being generated, these masks, when fitted with a P3 filter, can offer the exemplary protection whilst still allowing suitable face shielding to be worn.

Agricultural Worker Wearing A Face Shield And A Half Mask

Weed Control

A half mask, coupled with a suitable filter, can prevent inhalation of the Glyphosate present in weed killers.

Smelly Fish In A Fish Sauce Factory

Commercial Food Production

When fitted with an activated carbon layer filter, bulk ingredients' intense and often overwhelming odours can be mitigated and vastly reduced (e.g., like those experienced whilst handling vinegar)

Key Considerations & Features Of Half Mask Tight Fitting Facepieces

Person Conducting A RPE Fit Test

Fit Testing Requirement

As with all PPE when worn in a commercial setting, you must have your staff face fit tested to ensure that their mask fits correctly and offers adequate protection for the task at hand.

Exhalation Valve On A Force 8 Mask

Exhalation Valves

These valves reduce the build-up of heat, moisture and even air pressure inside the mask. This makes them more comfortable to wear, reduces the effort required to breathe out and can increase the lifespan of your filters by reducing their exposure to exhaled moisture.

Long Facial Hair Is Not Compatible With Half Masks

Facial Hair

For these masks to work correctly, you must achieve a tight fit; this means being clean shaven, as even stubble can cause air leaks and a poor fit.

Arrangement Of Filters For A Half Mask

Filter Choice

When choosing a half-mask respirator, you should look at the available filters and if they are interchangeable. Not all half masks have removable filters. This means the whole assembly is essentially rendered a disposable item, costing you more in the long run.

Easy To Clean Mouth Piece Of A JSP Force 8 Half Mask

Ease of Cleaning

Look for quality masks that can be taken apart to be cleaned. This will prolong the life of the face mask unit and allow you to inspect them properly for any defects.

Force8 Half Mask Is Compatible With A Wide Range Of Other JSP PPE

Compatibility With Other PPE

Try and choose a half-face mask that is compatible with other items of PPE you are wearing. This could include goggles as well as clothing and face shields.

Soft & Comfortable Rubber Material Of A Force8 Half Mask


The soft, rubberized material our quality reusable half-mask respirators are made from makes them far comfier wear than disposable alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Half Mask Respirators

How to clean a half-mask respirator?

Each type of mask is cleaned differently, so it is always best to follow the guidance in the manufacturer's instructions supplied with the product. We have included, where possible, videos and image guides on properly washing of your mask. It is important to note that moisture is the number one enemy of filter material, so always remove your filters from the mask before cleaning.

How to size a half-mask respirator?

We have special face size guages for this exact purpose. This allows you to asses which size of mask may fit best before opening a pack. It should be noted that fit testing will still be required, and is the only way to test the fit of a mask properly.

Is a fit test required for a half mask respirator?

Yes, a fit test is mandatory for any RPE being used in a commercial setting as this is the only way to ensure that the mask is fitting correctly and providing adequate protection.

How to put on a half mask respirator

Your chosen mask will come with instructions in the box. We also have video guides available for most models on our website. This will also be covered and checked when you have a fit test performed on the mask.

How long can you wear a half mask respirator?

All tight fitting masks can only be worn for 1 hour at a time before having a rest period. This is to allow any moisture to dry out on the face, and prevent user fatigue and irritation caused by the masks contact with the skin.

Alternatives To A Half Mask Respirator

Within our RPE range, we have a variety of styles of equipment for just about any hazard commonly found on a worksite or in hobby industries. Some of these ranges include;

Disposable Dust Mask

Disposable Dust Masks

These are single-use items designed to be worn for a single shift and should be disposed of once they have been taken off.

Full Face Respirator

Full-Face Respirators

Full-face masks are also tight-fitting and have a higher APF value than half-face masks.

Powered Air Respirator

Powered Air Masks

These masks are loose fitting and feature a blower which draws air through a filter, then creates a pocket of clean, positively pressurised air around the wearer's face.

Need Help Finding The Right Respiratory Protection?

Call us today to discuss our range of PPE and RPE, our friendly team will be happy to discuss any and all questions you may have about our extensive range of products. With the backup of major UK manufacturers, we can help you pinpoint the right solution for your needs. Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875!

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