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Replacement Face Mask Filters

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Showing 1 to 12 of 12 (1 Pages)

Face Mask Filters, Replacement Respiratory Filters

We stock a wide range of respirator cartridge filters that get your full face, half face and powered air respirator back on track once the filters have expired. All our filters are genuine items made by the original manufacturer, ensuring the quality, fit, and, most importantly, filtration standards are up to scratch.

These dust mask filters come in various styles and filtration standards, allowing them to cater to many environments and needs. Within the lineup of filters we keep on the shelf are particulate filters that catch fine particles such as fibreglass and brick dust, as well as filters that can protect against organic vapours and inorganic gases.

With dust facemask filters being a disposable item, they can and will need frequent replacing to ensure that your respirator continues to offer sufficient protection. If your filters are in need of replacement, give us a call; with our comprehensive range of filter cartridges available off the shelf with next-day delivery, you are only a few clicks away from getting back to work with sufficient respiratory protection.

Arrangement Of Various JSP PressToCheck Face Mask Filters

Why Use Replaceable Filters?

Using respirator systems with replacable filter cartridges is a great way to cut costs compared to buying disposable dust masks. This is because the filters are relatively inexpensive to replace and last far longer than disposable masks, which must be disposed of and replaced after a single use.

Many respirator filters are also enclosed in a plastic housing that protects the filter elements from physical damage whilst in use and in transit. This makes the filters physically more durable than they would be without the added exterior.

One last great feature of disposable filters is the ability to interchange the filters you use for those of a different type or standard. For instance, you may be a handyman who works with wood and needs particulate filtration for one job, whilst the next job may require something that can filter inorganic gasses. Buying a mask with disposable, interchangeable filters would save you the cost of buying a whole new mask assembly for every task.

Same JSP Force 10 Mask Used Against Dust & Chemicals By Switching The Filters

Key Respirator Filter Cartridge Types & Features

JSP PressToCheck Tehcnology Demonstrated

Press To Check

This feature is exclusive to JSP products. It allows you to quickly check that your filters and mask are not leaking once worn. More information on this system can be found on our product pages.

Filter Media Protected By Hard Plastic Casing


Most respirator cartridge filter replacements feature a plastic housing that protects the inner filter medium from impacts and other environmental hazards.

JSP P3 Compact Filters Are Smaller Due To Exposed Design


A few “compact” filter models do away with protective housings; this shrinks their size and can be useful for environments that are exceptionally dirty, requiring filters to be replaced daily.

JSP Force Classic Range Face Mask Filter


Depending on the brand, these can have a number of names, including “Classic”. The palm of the hand can block off these filters to help check the face fit of the mask before each use.

ABEKP Colour Coding Stripes Present In Replacement Face Mask Filters

Colour Coding

Most filters in this range are colour coded to help you quickly identify the right filter for the job, making sure that you do not inadvertently equip the wrong filter with insufficient filtration.

One-way Intake Valve On A JSP PressToCheck Replacement Face Mask Filter


Be sure to purchase filters with a one-way valve fitted where possible. This valve prevents your exhaled breath from moistening the filter medium, degrading its performance.

Filter Colours & Ratings

  • A - Brown - Suitable for filtering out organic vapours and gasses with boiling points greater than 65°C.
  • B - Grey - Can be used with inorganic gases and vapours such as chlorine. Not suitable for use with carbon monoxide.
  • E - Yellow - Will filter sulphur dioxide and other acidic gases such as hydrogen chloride.
  • K - Green - Use with ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives.
  • P - White - A white stripe or pure white filter housing indicates that the filter is P rated and suitable for use with solid and liquid hazards, including radioactive particles.
ABEKP Face Mask Filter Colour Codes Illustrated

It should be noted that filter cartridge performance heavily depends on the mask it is being used with. For instance, a P3 filter is suitable for use with asbestos when worn with a Force 10 full-face respirator but not with a half mask. Similarly, a P3 filter with an added carbon layer will only offer an equivalent particulate filtration to that of a P2 filter when worn with a half mask.

These are some of the reasons that a full risk assessment should be carried out before these products are used, alongside a proper fit test performed by a qualified person, to ensure that the filters and mask being used will offer the protection required.

How Long Do Disposable Face Mask Filters Last?

All mask filter cartridges will be marked with an expiration date; this is often also on the outside of the packaging and on the filter itself. This date, however, can often lead to confusion, as it is not an indication of how long the filter can be used; it is an indication of the last possible date you can start using the filter.

Similarly to a best-before date on a can of soup, dust mask filters can be stored until this date, but once opened, they have to be used within a set time limit. This is because the moisture content of the air reduces the efficacy of the filter.

Expiry Date On A Replacement Face Mask Filter

Other Products From The Range

JSP M362 Disposable Dust Mask

Disposable Dust Masks

These single-use dust masks are cheap and ideal for tasks where you will likely want to dispose of the mask after wearing it.

JSP Force 8 Half Mask Respirator

Half Mask Respirators

Half-face masks often feature removable filters, making them more cost-effective over longer periods.


Full Face Respirator In Use

Full Face Respirators

For high-level hazards or jobs where the eyes are prone to irritation.

Powered Air Respirator In Use

Powered Respirators

If you have facial hair, then a powered air respirator with a motor may be the only effective way to keep safe.

Need Help Finding The Filters You Need To Protect Yourself Whilst Working?

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