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Communication Ear Defenders - For Communication on Site

Our range of electronic industrial communication headsets allows you to communicate easily with the rest of your team whilst protecting your hearing from excessive sound levels. These noise-isolating headsets are built on the standard ear defenders' familiar format and can improve safety and productivity.

Keeping staff members safe can often be achieved through verbal communication about a source of danger, for example, a train approaching whilst carrying out trackside maintenance. However, without integrated communication systems, this warning may go unheard due to the sound attenuation of the headset or the distance between staff members.

Boosting productivity on a work site can be as simple as communicating clearly with each other even whilst loud equipment is operating. Cutting down on the margin for misunderstanding whilst giving task instructions can make all the difference between a successful job and a burst ware main.

JSP Sonis Comms Communication Ear Defenders On Worker

Where Are Radio Ear Defenders Used?

These hearing protectors are used in high-noise environments where communication ease is essential. Some great examples of typical applications are as follows;

Rail Maintenance Workers With Communication Ear Defenders

Rail Maintenance

When brush-cutting and removing overgrown plants from the side of a live track, communication and situational awareness are essential, our communications device will allow a supervisor to quickly warn of incoming trains ensuring everyone is aware of the potential threat.

Telecoms Engineer With Communication Ear Defenders

Utilities Maintenance

When working at a height carrying out maintenance or repairs on power or telecoms systems being able to communicate with those on the ground easily is vital. This can be especially important when carrying out emergency repairs where many teams work to find an area's fault.

Roadworks Along A Busy Road

Road & Traffic

Whether it is ensuring that traffic light timings are sufficient or requesting a piece of equipment from the other side of a larger work zone, these headsets speed up communication whilst ensuring your hearing protection is not reduced.

Construction Site

Civils & Construction

Within a large construction site having suitable communication between those heavy operating equipment such as cranes and material handing trucks is critical. Industrial headsets with integrated wireless communication make giving directions and marshalling safer and more accessible due to the ability to provide concise, precise directions every time.

Key Features To Consider When Buying a Communication Ear Defenders

Like standard ear defenders, there are a few key choices when purchasing wireless noise reduction headsets with built-in comms. We have detailed some of the critical functions and features you will want to consider below;

SNR Rating Guide

SNR Rating

Most critically, will the noise reduction side of the headset protect your hearing correctly? Like with standard ear defenders, you will want to ensure you have the proper SNR for your workplace; you can find more information on this on our hearing protection page.

Mesh Network

Mesh Network

Many of our communication headsets feature a mesh network which gives greater signal stability. In addition, each headset acts as a repeater and base station forwarding signals it receives, giving communications several reliable paths to each endpoint.

Two-Way Duplex Communication

Duplex Communications

We recommend going for a headset that features full duplex communication; this ensures that everyone can talk simultaneously without “blocking” the system. In addition, this allows for easy and free communication between staff members without having to wait for the “air to clear”.

Independent Range

Independent Range

This is how far any individual can move away from the group before they lose signal. The Sonis Comms range has a great benchmark of up to 800m between users. This, however, can be impacted by environmental obstacles, especially metal structures.

Group Range

Group Range

This is the maximum range at which a group of users can operate over some models in our range have a maximum group range of up to 3000m (3km / 1.8miles). This allows a group of users to communicate reliably over a large area.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

A good quality wireless headset will have an emergency alert facility, giving you priority communication with colleagues. This is essential for use in emergencies where you must hear a request for assistance above all else.

User Grouping

User Grouping

You may want to subdivide teams with team leaders if you work on a large site with many groups. This option allows you to have private one-to-one channels, managers-only groups, and all member groups, ensuring communication is kept confidential when required.

Self Hearing

Self Hearing

This function allows you to hear yourself speaking without shouting.

Mobile Application

Mobile App

A compatible mobile phone app for your headset allows you to quickly and easily configure how you want your system to operate.

sOut of Range Notification

Out Of Range Notifications

This is an essential and often overlooked feature that alerts users when they are out of range. Once they are back in range, the network self heals and brings them back into the conversation.

Active Pass Through

Active Pass Through

This is the ability to hear non-headset wearers with whom you need to communicate. In addition, the external microphone brings through important audio, repeating them internally at a safe sound level giving greater situational awareness.

Helmet Compatibility

Helmet Compatability

Ensure that your headset is compatible with a construction helmet if you wear one. Look for hard hat mounted options and check the compatible products part of the page.

2-way radio

Two-Way Radio Compatibility

This feature allows you to connect the headset to standard 2-way radio, allowing two separate groups to communicate externally.

Battery Life

Battery Life

Having batteries with a reasonable total and daily life span is essential.



The ability to tune into your favourite radio station whilst you work can help shifts fly by.



Ensure you can service your chosen solution; after all, communication headsets are not exactly cheap. Many headsets in our selection feature replaceable batteries, ear cups and more, allowing you to extend their working life.

Do You Need Help Finding The Right Hearing Protection For Your Needs?

If you are not looking for a communication headset, you may want to head over to our hearing protection or ear defenders category. However, if you are still lost, call our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875; they will be happy to help you find the best hearing protection or general PPE for your needs.

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