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Light Weight Safety Helmets

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Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)

Lightweight Hard Hats - Helmets That Won't Weigh You Down

Although none of our hard hat range could be considered 'heavy', there are some of our high-quality helmets that have been built from the ground up to be lightweight whilst still offering superb protection from impact.

When wearing a helmet all day long, lowering the helmet's weight can improve comfort. Our best lightweight hard hat in terms of being the lightest with the best protection is the EvoLite range from JSP. This ultra-lightweight hard hat punches well above its weight of only 285g (accessory & model variant dependant).

All our lightweight safety helmets achieve their low weight without resorting to expensive and exotic construction methods such as carbon fibre and fibreglass, which both have downsides. Our range offers a lightweight, comfortable hard hat that is a pleasure to wear.

Man Wearing A White Lightweight Evolite Safety Helmet Staring At The Sky

Who Wears Lightweight Hard Hats?

Linesman Working On Powelines


Whilst working at height and climbing all day, any extra weight quickly adds up and can make for tiresome work. Our lightweight helmets with chin straps are ideal for those that work at a height out in the open.

Wind Farm Near A Coast

Wind Farms

When ascending a wind turbine, the reduction in weight offered by our lightweight helmets is a game changer. For these applications, the SkyWorker from JSP is a strong contender with its additional EPS liner for improved side impact protection.

Scaffolders Wearing Hard Hats


Scaffolders are at an elevated risk of being hit by falling items and falling themselves. With colleagues handling so many heavy components above each other, it is essential that a helmet can withstand heavy impacts from above without being too heavy. Once again, the SkyWorker from JSP is a strong contender for this role.

Features To Consider When Buying A Lightweight Helmet

Many of the features of our lightweight helmets are the same as those commonly seen on our standard hard hats. We have listed some of the stand-out considerations below;

 EN12492 Working At Height Top And Side Impact Requirements

Side Impact Protection

You should consider the helmet's side impact resistance if you work at height. This side protection can come into play if you take a fall, are hit by a swinging object, or hit the side of your head during a fall.

Evolite Safety Helmet With An Optional 2-point Chin Strap With A Chin Cup

Chin Strap

Another essential consideration if you are working at height or around deep open excavations is a chin strap, which will keep your helmet firmly on your head in the event of a fall.

Lightweight Helmet With Ventilation Holes


Most of our lightweight hard hats are available in vented or non-vented formats. If you want to see a full range of vented helmets, check out the vented hard hats category page.

A Hard Hat With Ear Defenders, Face Shield, Chin Strap, Integrated Safety Spectacles And Thermal Liner


Most lightweight helmets are compatible with our extensive accessory range; you should note that some accessories can weigh down even the lightest helmet.


Evo Revolution 6-point Fabric Hard Hat Harness

A Quality Harness

A good harness within the hard hat provides better support and is easy to adjust, making wearing a hard hat more comfortable. A good six-point suspension system ensures a degree of shock absorption and comfort.

White Hard Hats With Different Coloured Reflective Stickers


You can fit reflective panels to most of our lightweight helmets. If you want to browse the range of helmets that come with them pre-installed, you can find these in our reflective helmets category.

Safety Helmet With Electrical Resistance

Electrical Resistance

If you are working around live electrical cables, you may want to consider a helmet that complies with EN50365. These are almost all manufactured without vents.

Other PPE In Our Extensive Range

Industrial Safety Helmets

All Head Protection

If you are looking for any head protection, including bump caps and hard hats, you will find it all in our head protection category.

ATG Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Every work environment has its requirements for PPE; this is especially true with gloves. We carry a wide range of gloves that meet the high demands of a modern work site.

Sixton Work Boots

Foot Protection

Protect your feet from the elements and dropped items with our range of high-quality safety footwear.

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Stand-alone safety spectacles and integrated glasses are all available in our eye protection category.

Respiratory Protection And Dust Masks


Check out our respiratory protection category to ensure you are not breathing in dangerous debris and vapours.

Fall Restraints And Harnesses

Fall Protection

If you are wearing a lightweight helmet, there is a good chance you are working at height and need some fall protection to go with it.

Clear And Mesh Face Shields

Face Shields

Keep your face safe from flying debris when cutting and grinding. Our face protection range contains everything from mesh face visors to clear plastic face shields.

JSP Sonis Ear Defender Range

Ear Defenders

More than just ear muffs to keep your ears warm, our range of hearing protection ensures any constant noise does not damage your hearing.

Are You Looking For A Helmet That Won't Lighten Your Wallet Too Much?

Our friendly sales team are here to help you find the best product for your needs without blowing your budget. Whether you are working on a construction site or out at sea, we will be able to help you find what you need when it comes to PPE. Speak to the team today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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