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Retractable Fall Arrest Systems

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Showing 1 to 9 of 9 (1 Pages)

Fall Arrest Blocks & Retractable Fall Arrest Lanyards

Light Weight Fall Arrest Block In Use

These fall arrest devices are ideal for both permanent and temporary applications. You can use them in many applications; for example, you can install them at the top of a ladder for use whenever access is required or during roofing maintenance to catch falls before they gain any real momentum.

These retractable type fall arresters feature an inertia reel in a rugged plastic housing reel around which a long lanyard is wound. During regular operation, the reel block steadily releases and retracts the lanyard as required. However, if you slip, trip or fall and abruptly try to draw out the lanyard, the lifeline locks up much the same way as a car seatbelt. This allows these retractable lanyards to catch a fall before it builds up any real momentum.

The ability to quickly catch falls makes retractable fall arrester blocks ideal for use in areas with limited fall space, which would rule out using a traditional shock absorber fall arrest lanyard. We carry a selection of these quality fall protection blocks on the shelf in sizes up to 20m in length.

Example Retractable Fall Protection Use Cases

Building And Construction Industry

Building & Construction

When working in areas where you would constantly be adjusting your lanyard to remain safe, a retractable lifeline will always try and stay as short as possible, improving the safety and practicality of your workflow.

JSP Rescue Winch With Block In Use

Utilities & Rescue

Retractable lanyards with integrated winches can be used in rescue applications to raise or lower incapacitated workers. These are often used in utility applications where workers are lowered into sewers and narrow access passages.

Aircraft Factory

Heavy Manufacturing

When suspended from the ceiling of a factory, these retractable fall arrest systems can be used to safely prevent workers from falling from the machinery they are working on. For example, while maintaining an aircraft wing within a hanger.

Worker Attached To A Wire Lifeline Climbing A Ladder

Access & Maintenance

You can place these blocks at the top of ladders allowing maintenance workers to safely ascend and descend without using a twin tail fall arrest lanyard or similar alternative.

Key Retractable Fall Arrest Lanyard Features & Considerations

Shock Absorber On Horizontal Sel-Retractable Lifeline

Shock Absorber

These are primarily found on fall arrest blocks with a horizontal functionality.

Self-Retractable Lifeline Used Horizontally

Horizontal Use

These can be used anchored to the floor or wall behind where you are working instead of directly above you, and this makes them ideal for use in areas where there is no structure above where you are working.

Fall Indicator On Self Retractable Wire Lifeline

Fall Indicators

Many retractable blocks we provide feature fall indicators. These trigger in the event of a fall, indicating that the fall limiter needs servicing or replacing.

Webbing Belt On JSP FAR0731 Lifeline

Lifeline Material

The lifeline section of these fall-limiting blocks can be manufactured from either wire rope or fabric webbing.

Size Comparison Of A Small And A Large Block

Size & Weight

When making your purchase keep in mind the size and weight of the block.

Carry Handle On A Heavy FAR0712 20m Block

Carry Handles

Some of the larger fall limiters have carry handles positioned on their side, making them easier to carry to the point where they will be installed.

Winch On A Block

Winch Fitting

Some blocks come with an integrated winch option, allowing you to lower or raise other workers in a controlled manner.

Block Attached Onto Building With A Steel Sling


Ensure that you have suitable connectors to attach the block properly to where you are working. Consider if you need additional slings to fit the block into position safely.

Our Blocks Are Serviceable


You can send off many of our blocks for servicing to renew their inner workings ensuring they are safe for further use. Remember that you still need to inspect your fall arrest block before each use, as you would with all fall equipment.

Other Fall Protection Systems We Have Available

If you are looking for other height safety protection equipment, you are in the right place; we sell more than fall safety harnesses. Some different categories and products you may find of interest include;

Evolite Skyworker Climbing Safety Helmet

Hard Hats

We have specific ranges for working at heights, including our Linesman, Skyworker, and VISTAlens Dualswitch helmets.

Pioneer Single Fall Arrest Lanyard


These come in various shapes and sizes and include arrest lanyards, restraint lanyards and positioning lanyards.

Self Retractable Lifeline In Use

Retractable Blocks

These blocks feature self-retracting lines that you can use to limit falls.


Fall Arrest Harness Kit

Harness Kits

These come with lanyards and bags to keep all your height safety equipment safely contained and together.

Webbing Sling


use these to create anchor points around trees, posts and other fixed structures.

Hooks & Karabiners

Hooks & Karabiners

Within this range you can find the connectors you need to tie everything together in your height safety setup.

Do You Have Questions About Our Fall Arrest Blocks?

If you are unsure which fall arrest block to choose, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and speak to our friendly customer service team. They are here to help you get the right tool for the job at the right price point. You can reach them at +44 (0)1905 794875 during regular business hours.

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