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Lanyard Fall Arrest Systems

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Showing 1 to 13 of 13 (1 Pages)

Fall Arrest Equipment & Fall Arrest Lanyards

Fall Arrest Lanyard In Use

Our range of fall arrest lanyards is a core part of our fall protection lineup. If used correctly, these specialist shock-absorbing lanyards and safety lines will catch you in the event of a fall; more importantly, they aim to do so whilst reducing the forces felt, arresting the fall in a controlled manner.

Each lanyard in this category features a shock-absorbing element; these usually take the form of a block of woven fabric block wrapped in a protective sleeve at one end of the lanyard. When you subject the shock absorber to the forces of a fall, it deploys, releasing further material; this acts much like the crumple zone in a car, reducing the sudden stopping force on the body and reducing the likelihood of serious injuries.

These lanyards can be found in almost all areas where it is not feasible to avoid working at height or where a restraint would not be suitable. This can be the case for tasks as simple as climbing a ladder or working on scaffolding still being built.

Safety Officers Planning The Personal Protection Equipment Requirements

When Should You Use Fall Arrest Equipment

Before using a fall arrest system, you should exhaust all other options to protect yourself or your workforce from the hazard of falling. The first way to do this is to remove the height aspect altogether by either carrying out the work at ground level or using an alternative method to carry out the work, such as using a drone to make an inspection rather than physically climbing up to carry out an inspection.

The following way to remove the need for a fall arrest setup is to use a fall restraint system. This system has a lower chance of injury than using a fall arrest system as it aims to prevent falls, yet it is still not as safe as carrying out the work at ground level.

Of course, it is not always possible to carry out the work with fall restraint equipment, at ground level or with alternative equipment such as drones. In these instances, fall arrest becomes the safety system of choice. You should still ensure that you have enough fall distance to allow the fall arrest lanyard to operate correctly; you can find more information on this on our main fall protection page.

Where & Who Uses Restraint Systems?

Telecommunications Engineer Wearing Fall Arrest Equipment

Telecomms Engineers

When climbing transmission towers, fall arrest lanyards are often used to provide safety for engineers. These will often be used in conjunction with a work positioning lanyard.

Maintenance Worker With Fall Arrest Lanyard Working On Roof

Maintenance Workers

Whether working on industrial lifting equipment in the roof space of a factory or carrying out repairs on guttering at the edge of a building, a lanyard fall arrest system is likely what you will see in use for these applications.

Scaffolders Working At Height Wearing Fall Arrest Lanyards


Whilst constructing and dismantling scaffolding, there are rarely any safe points to use restraint systems. Especially at greater heights, you will see personal fall arrest systems used by scaffolders.

Key Fall Arrest Lanyard Types

Adjustable Fall Arrest Lanyard


You can adjust these fall arrest lanyards' lengths to reduce depending on the working environment. In most cases, the lanyard should be as short as possible without being so short that it prevents you from carrying out your work.

Fixed Fall Arrest Lanyard


Fixed Length fall arrest lanyards are what the name suggests, fixed in length.

Twin Tail JSP K2 Fall Arrest Lanyard

Twin Tail

win tail lanyards are great for climbing ladders or moving between anchorage points. They are suitable for this as they allow you to maintain a connection point while climbing or moving around a structure.

Single Tail JSP K2 Fall Arrest Lanyard

Single Tail

These are perfect if you are working in a single area or have a long, permanently installed horizontal guide wire or rail system either above or behind them in place.

Integrated Shock Absorber

Internal Shock Absorber

These remove the bulk of having one large shock absorber that can, during certain circumstances, be cumbersome and replaces it with an equally effective energy-absorbing lanyard.

10m Guided Type Rope Grab Fall Arrest Lanyard

Guided Type

These work differently from a fixed or adjustable lanyard as they use a brake on an extended length of rope that allows free movement until loading is placed upon the lanyard. They are used quite differently from “standard” fall arrest lanyards.

Self-Retractable Fall Arrester


These fall-arresting blocks act very much like a seatbelt in a car. They lock up instantly when a fall is loaded across them, typically catching a fall within a foot. We have a fall arrest block category where you can find our full range of these self-retracting lifeline systems.

The Rest Of The Range

If you are looking for other height safety equipment, you are in the right place; we sell a lot more than just fall safety harnesses. Some different categories and products you may find of interest include;

Evolite Skyworker Climbing Safety Helmet

Hard Hats

We have specific ranges for working at heights, including our Linesman, Skyworker, and VISTAlens Dualswitch helmets.

Pioneer Single Fall Arrest Lanyard


These come in various shapes and sizes and include arrest lanyards, restraint lanyards and positioning lanyards.

Self Retractable Lifeline In Use

Retractable Blocks

These blocks feature self-retracting lines that you can use to limit falls.

Fall Arrest Harness Kit

Harness Kits

These come with lanyards and bags to keep all your height safety equipment safely contained and together.

Webbing Sling


use these to create anchor points around trees, posts and other fixed structures.

Hooks & Karabiners

Hooks & Karabiners

Within this range you can find the connectors you need to tie everything together in your height safety setup.

Do You Have Questions About Our Fall Restraint Lanyards

If you are struggling to find the right type of lanyard for your application, we are here to help. We work with major manufacturers in the fall safety industry and can help put you in touch with someone who can offer training or just answer questions that you may have about specific technical aspects of a lanyard you are looking at. Speak to our friendly team today at +44 (0)1905 794875 or email us using our contact form.

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