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Plastic Face Shields For Fluid Protection

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Plastic Face Shields - Protective Face Covers

Our range of plastic face shields includes everything from helmet-mounted face shields to stand-alone and even RPE-integrated items. They are a critical part of our PPE arsenal, offering more protection to the face, including the nose and mouth, than standard safety spectacles.

Unlike mesh face shields, plastic safety face shields have no holes in them for particles to pass through; they can protect from a range of hazards because of this. From liquids, chemicals, molten metals, sparks and flying debris, there is a grade of clear plastic face shield for most applications.

You can wear most of our full face shields with glasses; many are also compatible with dust face masks allowing you to remain completely protected. Several fitment options are also available, including helmet mounted, elasticated band fitment, and browguard mounts.

JSP Evo3 Hard Hat With Ear Defenders And C4Max Clera Visor

Key Features To Consider When Purchasing Your Plastic Face Cover

To ensure you get the right level of personal protection from your protective face shield, it is critical that you carry out a risk assessment. This assessment will highlight the key risks associated with the task you are carrying out. With that information, you can make an informed decision as to which visor system is best for your needs.

No Optical Distortion On A JSP C4Max Visor

Optical Clarity

Not all visors have the same optical clarity, and some cheaper options can distort your vision. They should therefore be avoided if they are to be worn for long periods of time. Higher quality transparent shields have optical class ratings stated on their product page, letting you make an informed choice.

Evoguard C2 Visor Providing Protection From Flying Sparks And High Speed Particles

Protection level

Our clear visors detail the EN numbers they are tested to and ratings for different hazards they can protect you from. Including, but not limited to, their UV rating, mechanical impact rating, high-temperature particle rating and even dust ratings.

Sunlight Hitting A JSP Visor

UV Rating

If you are working outside or around a source of UV radiation, it is worth noting that many of our plastic face shields offer some degree of UV protection.

C2 Visor In The Up Position On An EvoGuard Grey Browguard

Flip Up Function

If you need to frequently talk to colleagues between carrying out hazardous tasks having the ability to flip up the face shield makes day-to-day work easier.

Worker Grinding While Wearing A JSP Force8 Half Mask And JSP C4 Max Clear Visor

Area of Protection

Generally, the larger the face protection visor, the better, as the more of your face it covers, the more it can protect you. You should consider that visors that reach past the chin can impact the articulation of the head.

Foggy Safety Spectacles

Anti Fog

Anti mist coatings are essential for plastic face shields; they prevent steam or vapours from your breath from misting up the face shield and obscuring your vision.

Anti-Scratch Coating

Anti Scratch

Anti-scratch coatings help you increase the lifespan of your visor by keeping fine scratches at bay for as long as possible. Once a visor becomes scratched, it can cause distraction and interfere with day-to-day tasks.

Worker Cutting Stone While Wearing A Dustmask And A JSP Evoguard C2 Visor

PPE Compatability

Critically you need to ensure that your face shield is suitable for wearing with any other PPE you may need to wear. We list, wherever possible and appropriate other items of PPE that a piece of equipment is compatible with. Incompatible PPE can detract from the performance of both pieces of equipment.

Need Help Finding The Right Clear Face Shield For Your Needs?

Speak to one of our friendly team members today about our range of clear face shields, mesh face shields or any of our other PPE offerings. Our experienced team will work with you to find the most appropriate solution for your needs and budget. You can call our sales line on +44 (0)1905 794875 during regular business hours.

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