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Armco Barrier Corners For Sale

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Showing 1 to 13 of 13 (1 Pages)

Armco Barrier Corners For Connecting Armco Beam

When installing an Armco crash barrier it is very rare not to need to navigate some sort of change in direction. Depending on the site you are installing the barriers at, there may be a need to go around a piece of expensive equipment, or just to follow the perimeter of the car park. For these instances, corner fittings make the installation process easier, neater and more effective.

All our corner sections are designed to be installed with the support of two posts, these are usually at the termination of the two adjacent barrier runs. Depending on the type of corner you are looking to install these will be secured with either post bolts or post and lap bolts in combination with each other.

All our corners are intended to work at 90 degree angles, however, some of our “flexible” options allow you to bend them to suit more acute, or obtuse angles for sites where a strict right angle would not suit.

Internal 90 Degree Rigid Corner

Do I need An Internal Corner or An External Corner?

Some people find the concept of internal and external corners difficult to get to grips with. The easiest way to visualise it is to imagine you are installing the barrier around a simple square car park.

Internal Corners

Internal 90 Degree Corner

Imagine you wanted to surround the car park in barriers to stop cars from leaving. Internal Armco corners would be used to face traffic inside the car park. If you were to use four corners you would end up with a close loop or barrier, with the face of the barrier facing inwards with the supporting posts on the outside.

External Corners

External 90 Degree Corner

Now imagine that you wanted to stop cars getting into the car park by putting a barrier around the outside. Using external corners would result in the barrier face pointing outwards, with the supporting legs being on the inside of the barrier.

In reality, most car parks are complex shapes and require a mix and match of Armco barrier corner sections to navigate around pillars, ramps, entrances and exit points.

What Are The Different Types Of Armco Corners I Can Buy?

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised Steel Finish Focus

This is the “standard” finish that these corners are supplied in. The hot-dip galvanised finish offers superior corrosion protection.

Powder Coated

Yellow Powder Coated Finish Focus

If you want to make your install stand out then powder coated yellow corner sections are the way to go. All powder coated Armco is galvanised before coating.

Plastic Corners

Plastic Armco Corner

Lightweight with embedded reflectors. These plastic corners are available in vibrant colours and will inflict less damage to any vehicles that make contact with the corner as they are softer than steel.

Fixed Corners

Fixed corner sections are locked at a 90-degree angle and rely on the runs being true and square to align correctly.

Flexible Corners

Flexible 90 Degree Corners

For installations where a bit of flexibility is required then flexible corners are ideal. They allow more obtuse and acute angles to be formed with ease.

Choose From Our Full Range Of High-Quality Armco Barriers

We stock a wide selection of Amrco products, from galvanised corners to high visibility reflectors, and different specifications of posts. So if you are not looking for corners you can try one of the following pages;

760mm Bolt Down Post

Armco Posts

Posts to support your armco installation available in various formats.

Amco Beams

Beams and rails available to link posts and corners together.

Armco Safety End Cap On Beam

Armco End Caps

End caps make the unfinished ends of beams neater and safer for pedestrians and vehicles.

Fastners & Fixings

Armco Fixings

All the things needed to bolt your Armco together ensuring it delivers the performance you need.

Need help finding the right Armco Corners for your installation?

Speak to our team today and they will help you find the best Armco barrier products for your needs allowing you to secure a car park or workplace making it a safer place to be. Our friendly sales staff are available during normal business hours on +44 (0)1905 794875

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