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Triangle Warning Road Signs For Sale

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Showing 1 to 66 of 74 (2 Pages)

Permanent Warning Road Signs - Post Mounted

Traffic warning signs form one of the most commonly seen permanent road signs. These are mostly triangular signs with a red border. Their primary function is as the name suggests to provide a warning. This could be in the form of an upcoming unusual road feature or potential distraction.

By warning the driver prior to the obstacle the risk of accidents is reduced. Often these signs that include symbols will be accompanied by a supplementary plate which will give further details. These details may indicate how far away the hazard is, or for how long it persists.

Although these warning triangle road signs are mostly seen on main roads, they can also be found in car parks and industrial estates. Warning signs indicating the position of speed bumps, or pedestrian crossings are very common in these locations.

Traffic joining from the right onto main carriageway warning sign in use

Common Triangle Warning Road Signs

If you have ever driven on a UK road you will have almost certainly seen these signs or a variation of them.

Staggered Junction Ahead Sign

Staggered Junction Ahead - Dia 507.1

This sign shows that there is a junction at two different points ahead, the broader line indicates which route has priority.

Double Bend Ahead Sign

Double Bend Ahead - Dia 513A

This sign, as shown above, indicates that the road ahead has a double bend first to the left then to the right.

Traffic Merging From Left Sign

Traffic Merging From Left Ahead - Dia 508.1

This sign is commonly seen wherever traffic is expected to merge from the left ahead.

School Crossing Sign

School Crossing - Dia 545

This traffic sign is used wherever there is a high likelihood of children being in the road.

Less Common Permanent Road Warning Signs

The above selection of permanent warning signs are very obvious as to their meaning, but some are not so clear. Here are some of our favourites.

Level Crossing Ahead Sign

Diagram 770

Although it looks like a picket fence ahead warning sign, it actually indicates that there is a level crossing with a barrier or gate ahead.

Low Flying Aircrafts Sign

Diagram 558

This sign depicting an aircraft at what appears to be an unhealthy angle is not a warning to expect an air disaster, but a warning that low flying aircraft may cause excessive noise, and prove to be a distraction.

Supplemented Warning Sign

Diagram 562

An exclamation mark, it is obviously a warning, but the sign includes no further details. Thankfully this sign is always accompanied by a supplementary plate such as “hidden dip” to give further information.

Give Way Ahead Sign

Diagram 501

This sign has no image at all, what it does indicate is that there is a junction with a give way or stop line ahead. It is accompanied by a distance indication.

Other Sign Types

Disabled badge Holders Only Information Sign

Information Signs

These permanent signs give information indicating how far a junction is away in the form of countdown markers. They are all rectangular and can in some instances feature regulatory signs within them.

Collection of Regulatory Signs

Regulatory Signs

These regulate the types of traffic, for example, restricting heavy goods vehicles from certain routes. They may also prohibit manoeuvres such as U-turns, or set speed limits.

Types of Directional Signs Found on The Road

Direction Signs

These signs include place names, or directions to nearby attractions, business parks or industrial estates. They will sometimes feature a map.

Men at Work Sign in a Metal Frame

Road Work Signs

The one warning sign that everyone dreads seeing whilst driving is the 7001 Men at Work sign. This sign you will find in our temporary road sign section. Some warning signs are only ever used when there are road works being carried out.

Need Help Finding A Permanent Road Warning Sign?

Give our sales team a call, we are here to help you get the right sign at the right price. We can have custom signs produced to suit any permanent or temporary application, be that on or off-road.

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