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Speed Limit Signs For Sale- Post & Wall Mount

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Speed Limit Signs- Permanent Road Speed Signs For Sale

Every road has an mph speed limit. This is defined by a black number inside a white circle with a red border- a speed limit sign. These safety signs are essential for safety on the road as speed limits constantly change throughout any journey. The difference in the road’s layout and its surroundings affect the maximum mph speeds vehicles are allowed to travel. This means pole (or wall) mounted road signs are required, by law, to inform road users of this limit. These must also fit the governmental standards for reflectivity and visibility to be seen from the road in all conditions.

High-Grade Reflectivity

Road grade reflectivity

Our signs are made from ‘high intensity prismatic’ material. This gives R2 reflectivity, which means 32% of the light from the driver’s headlights is reflected back.

High-Quality Construction

Composite sign base

The signs are also made from a composite substrate of road-grade aluminium and plastic. This means no rust, no scrap value and an impressive lifespan.

High-End Product

CE Marked Permenant Road Legal Sign

Our signs are fully up-to-spec so come CE marked. You can be confident these signs will withstand the elements for years to come.

Where Are Speed Limit Signs Used?

The slowest areas use 5mph and 10mph signs- usually places like schools or car parks where pedestrians are in close-quarters at all times. Maintaining a low speed here is crucial as the risk for a collision is at its highest. These are usually used in conjunction with speed bumps to enforce this limit further.

15mph signs are used in off-highway areas such as construction sites or private drives. They are less commonly seen on UK roads but of course, have their place.

Public areas, such as streets and city roads, require low-speed restrictions of 20-30mph. This aims to reduce braking distance enough that pedestrians are at low risk of injury.

40mph speed limit signs can be seen in rural/ suburban areas between dual carriageways and 30mph zones.

Areas designed exclusively for motors, such as carriageways, have a maximum speed limit of 50mph or 60mph, depending on the number of lanes. This can be shown either with the corresponding signs or a National Speed Limit sign.

For more information about the placing and regulations surrounding speed limit signs, refer to the TSRGD Guidelines Chapter 3, page 105 onwards, on our regulations page.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

Our signs come mainly in 3 sizes; 300mm, 450mm, and 600mm. The larger signs are usually used to signify a change between different speed zones. Smaller signs are placed around the area as ‘repeaters’ to remind drivers of the limit.

We also have wall mounted signs which are useful for areas where a pole can’t be installed such as indoor car parks or industrial estates. These come in 3, slightly larger, variations. They also have variations to warn drivers of speed bumps, as driving over them at high speeds can cause damage to the vehicle or surrounding area. Speed bumps and other traffic calming devices can be found here, for when a limit alone is effective enough to keep drivers at low speeds.

Three sizes available

Sign clip options

How Do You Install A Speed Limit Sign?

Our signs have 2 rails on the back where usually a rigid-’D’ clamp, back-to-back clamp, or universal clamp can be secured. This will depend on what you're securing the sign to and whether a sign is already fitted on the other side of the pole. We also have many other sign clamps available. For more information on this please see the pages for each clamp.

The wall mountable signs are for low speeds of 5 and 10mph and do not have rails. They can be mounted with an adhesive or can be screwed into the wall.

Need Assistance Getting The Right Sign?

If you are not sure what speed signs you require, or just want a hand choosing the correct clamps then give us a call on +44 (0)1905 794875. Our customer service team are here and happy to help you find all the traffic safety products that you may need.

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