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Car Park Signs For Sale

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Car Parking Signs UK For Large & Small Car Parks

Having proper signage in a car park is essential when maintaining order, traffic flow and safety. Whether you are managing a small private car park, a drive-thru fast food restaurant or a council-run property car parking signs are not something to be neglected.

Road directional signs come in a few different formats to suit different applications.

Although many of the signs seen in a car park are car park-specific, there are a number of everyday road signs that have their place in the area. No entry and one-way signage can be used to indicate to drivers the proper direction of traffic, this can be important for avoiding collisions or bottlenecking. Whilst pedestrian crossing signs indicate to drivers that there may be increased numbers of pedestrians, these are normally seen right at the entrance to a store.

Many larger complexes such as those found at supermarkets, hospitals and airports have dedicated entry points and exit points to maintain a flow of traffic in the area. Entry signs and Exit signs on a blue background clearly convey where these points are, avoiding confusion.

Stop Sign

Essential Car Park Signs

All car parks at major venues have parking spaces that need reserving for vehicles with special requirements. We have signage to ensure that parking bays for disabled users, electric vehicles, or mothers with children are kept clear.

Disabled badge holders only parking sign

Disabled Bay Signage

Signage indicating that parking bays are reserved for disabled users is essential, without it spaces quickly fill up with general traffic. This means that those who may really need to park close to the entrance of a shop or venue have to walk further, and may not even be able to get out of their car at all.

Parent and child parking only sign

Child & Parent Parking

Similar to disabled bays, child and parent spaces need extra space around them for prams and pushchairs. Once again these spaces need proper signage to prevent other vehicles from parking in them.

Reserved electric car rechargng point sign

Electric Charging Spaces

Electric vehicle charging points are becoming more and more prevalent with the rise of the electric car. To ensure these spaces are free for vehicles that actually require them we have special signage and electric floor charging markers that make it clear to drivers that these spaces are reserved for electric vehicles only.

Example of custom printed reserved parking sign with a company logo

Reserved Parking

Keeping spaces free for visitors to a specific business can be essential, there is nothing worse than your customers not being able to park and get to your business. To help combat this you can have custom parking signs made in road grade material. These can be post mounted or wall mounted reserving spaces.

On-street parking sign with time restrictions

On-Road Street Parking Signs

On-street parking can often be a point of contention, and a fine balancing act to keep local residents and business owners happy. To keep everything in check proper signage is essential. We stock a wide range of parking signs that can be customised with time limits, hours of parking, permit holder information and more.

Car Park Signage Installation

We supply car park signage in two major formats, post-mounted and wall-mounted. Post mounted signs are fixed using a channel on the back to which fixing bands and clips can be attached to posts of varying sizes.

Wall-mounted signs come with no channel on the back and are attached using normal screws, or even adhesives such as grip fill.

The preferential method of attachment is mechanical as this will ensure that signs do not get tampered with or removed invalidating any rules the signage was detailing.

Rigid-d clip on post mounted sign

Other Types Of Permanent Road Signs

If you need other signage aside from car park signage we can help with that too. Our range covers all common road sign formats, from temporary signs to permanent signs. Our range of speed limit signs especially the 5 mph and 10mph signs are very popular in car park areas, although are not targeted at parking specifically.

Don’t Forget Your Road Markings!

To accompany our wide range of parking signage we have high-quality road markings that reinforce all message provided by traditional post mounted signage. These markings are available in a thermoplastic format that is easy to apply.

Need help finding the right signage for your car park?

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