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Reflective Bollards For Enhanced Visibility

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Reflective Bollards & Reflective Posts

Reflective bollards are a cost-effective way of improving safety without requiring power to the area. They use the reflection of nearby light sources to enhance their visibility.

You can install reflective bollards in any number of locations. They offer improved visibility over non-reflective bollards. This added visibility makes them especially suited to use around motor vehicles and roads.

The reflective material can provide a variety of different information, such as advanced warnings of turns in the road, directional symbols or no entry signage.

EVO-N reflective bollard

What Types Of Reflective Bollards And Posts Are there?

Almost all types of bollards can have reflective material fitted to them, making them fall into this bollard category.

The most common types of reflective bollards are as follows;

  • Reflective verge markers - These are installed on verges all over the UK. They warn of changes in the direction of the road or soft verges.
  • Reflective Traffic Bollards - These are seen on islands, and in town centres where they are used to direct traffic around obstacles.
  • Street Bollards - These are seen in town centres and pedestrianised areas all around the country. The reflective banding ensures that drives do not get too close.
Reflective Bollards installed Road side

What is a Retro-reflective Bollard?

Retroreflective material bounces light back at the source; this makes it better suited to road use as car headlamp beams are bounced back at the driver. This improved reflectivity allows the bollards to be seen further away giving the most advanced warning possible.

Not all of our bollards have the same grade of reflective material. The class of the material on the bollard is detailed within the specifications tab within a product page.

Reflective Bollard top

How Are Reflective Bollards Installed?

The installation method used to install a reflective bollard varies depending on the location, type and application of the bollard.

We carry a range of types of bollard that are all supplied with detailed instructions to ensure that fitting and installation is as simple as possible.

Common installation methods include surface mounting, dig in, cast in, and socket fitting.

Installed Bollard Cast-in

Other Types Of Bollards Available

There are many other types of bollards that we stock; these can be seen below. They serve a vast variety of applications including security improvement, safety improvement and even just decorative use.

Wooden Bollards installed at Park

Wooden Bollards

Traffic Bollard Installed on Roundabout

Traffic Bollards

Steel Bollard Installed in city Centre

Metal Bollards

Need Help Finding The Right Reflective Bollard?

Give our sales team a call on +44 (0)1905 794875 they will help you find the very best deal and product for your needs. Ensuring that you get the best value for money.

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