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Plastic Bollards & Plastic Road Bollards

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Plastic Bollards For Road Use

Plastic bollards are by far one of the most common types of bollard on the market. At Start Traffic, we stock many plastic road bollards ready for fast dispatch straight to your workplace, job site or home.

Plastic bollards are hard wearing, easy to install and lightweight. This makes them very inexpensive to install and transport.

Key Benefits of Plastic Bollards:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable
  • Easy To Install
  • Cost Effective
Plastic Verge Marker post

Who Uses Plastic Bollards?

Plastic bollards are used in almost every area where vehicles are present. It would be almost impossible to list all applications that they are used in, so we have just covered some of the most popular.

  • City Councils - Plastic bollards are installed on car parks, public highways and verges. They can also be found on cycle lanes to prevent larger vehicles gaining access.
  • Airports - Airports frequently use the delineator type or "traffic cylinder" type to guide traffic and improve safety.
  • Private Business - Use plastic bollards to prevent people parking in areas where they are not permitted.
Plastic blade markers installed on roadside

Why Use Plastic Bollards

Compared to wood and steel bollards plastic bollards are low maintenance and lightweight. They are also cheaper to purchase, making them cheaper to replace should they get damaged.

Plastic bollards tend to be fitted with reflective sleeving to ensure that they can be seen in low light conditions. This makes them perfect for highway use.

They are cheap to transport, this is because plastic bollards are lighter in weight than steel and wood. This makes postage costs cheaper for you.

Springback Plastic Post

What Types Of Plastic Bollards Are There?

Plastic Covered Manchester Style Bollard

Plastic Street Bollards

Many of these look like their cast steel predecessor. As a bonus, they can be flexible and will therefore not cause damage to vehicles when they are accidentally hit. We also stock more modern designs that look great around modern shopping centres.

Direction Solar Powered Directional Bollard

Plastic Traffic Bollards

These are used to direct traffic around obstacles such as small islands or street signs. They are fitted with directional symbols or instructions for drivers. They are most commonly seen on the highway or in car parks.

Wychwood Plastic Verge Marker Post

Plastic Verge Markers

Use plastic verge markers to warn of road hazards, and ensure that drivers have plenty of time to react. They are reflective with one side white and the other red.

Flexible plastic car park bollard

Plastic Parking Bollards

Parking bollards, especially the plastic type are placed in front of parking bays and to flex if a vehicle makes contact with them. This is ideal for multi-story parking areas and tighter parking structures.

How Do You Install Plastic Bollards?

Which installation method is used will be dictated by the type of bollard that you purchase.

The most common fixing methods for plastic bollards are surface mounting by bolts or dig in. Both installation methods are very easy and clearly outlined on each product page.

Installing Plastic Bollards

I Am Not Sure Which Bollards Best Suits My Needs!

Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our sales team will assist you in finding the right plastic bollard system for your needs. You can contact our sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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