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Flexible Bollards For Parking & Road Use

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Flexible Bollards

At Start Traffic we stock a huge range of flexible bollards (sometimes called flexi bollards). These fit into two key categories, these are; on-road use and off-road use.

All of our flexible bollards can withstand multiple impacts from vehicles and stand back up again after.  How many impacts they can take depends on the item purchased, this is clarified on the product page.

Bollard Being Flexed by Land Rover

What Are The Main Types of Flexible Bollards?

Flexi bollards come in a few shapes and sizes, each serving a different purpose. We have briefly outlined these different applications below.

Directional Bollard for Traffic Guidance

Traffic Bollards

Traffic bollards are used on public roads on central reservations and islands. They need to be flexible to ensure they self right after impacts from vehicles.

Traffic Delineator Cylinders

Traffic Cylinders

These are also seen on the public highway as well as car parks. They are used to delineate lanes, preventing cars and other vehicles from cutting across lanes.

Flexible Verge Markers

Verge Markers

These flexible markers are placed alongside roads. They are easy to install often requiring only a small hole to be dug and infilled with soil.

Flexible Car park bollards

Flexible Parking Bollards

Similar to traffic cylinders but not highway legal these bollards are highly flexible and can self right after being run over. They are great for guiding cars, vans and trucks around parking and loading areas.

What Are Flexible Bollards Made From?

90% of flexible bollards are made from various grades of plastic or rubber. The rest are made from thin painted steel. Which material your chosen flexi-bollard is made from will be outlined clearly on the product page for that product.

Being made of plastic makes these flexible bollards very durable and capable of withstanding multiple impacts.

Metal Sprung Boundary Post

How do you install Flexible Bollards?

All of our bollards come with instructions either on their product page or as a download. They are all very easy to install requiring minimal equipment.

The Three most common installation methods are outlined below;

Cast In

Cast in bollards as the name suggests need to be cast into the ground the same as a fence post is installed. If you cannot dig on site it would be worth considering a bolt down option instead.

Dig In

Most of our flexible verge markers just need a small excavation digging, the post placing in level then backfilling with dirt. This creates a secure enough fixing for the application.

Bolt Down

Where you are unable to dig we have a selection of bollards that can be surface mounted. These are ideal for areas that are already covered in tarmac or concrete.

I Need Help Finding The Right Flexible Bollard

No problem! Give us a call on +44 (0)1905 794875 and speak to one of our sales team. A member of the team will ensure you get the right flexi bollard for your needs at the right price.

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