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Powered Respirators For Sale

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Powered Air Respirators - RPE For Beards

If you have facial hair and require RPE, you will already undoubtedly know that the two things are not generally compatible. This is because facial hair, even very short stubble, can cause air leaks that render tight-fitting RPE useless.

Our range of powered air respirators is a great solution for those with facial hair and those working long hours or carrying out strenuous labour. A powered respirator setup offers protection by creating a pocket of filtered positive air around the wearer's face, ensuring no contaminates inhaled. As there is no resistance when inhaling, the requirement for a break or rest periods is no longer necessary, meaning you can work for longer without interruption.

With replaceable filter cartridges and a wide range of spares available, these loose-fitting respirators offer a long service life and high levels of protection for the user. Like many RPE systems, battery powered fresh air respirators are not a one-size-fits-all solution, so they still need careful consideration before deployment.

JSP Jetstream Consturctor Kit

How Does A Powered Air Purifying Respirator Work?

Powered respirators operate very differently from standard “user-powered” RPE, where the user inhaling becomes the power source drawing air through the filter air through the filter. Powered RPE instead uses an external power source, usually a small motor and fan that draws air through a filter; making it easier for the operator to breathe and less fatiguing.

Once the air has been pulled through the filter, it is fed into a semi-closed area around the face,. The air within this hood sits at above ambient air pressure preventing any contaminated air from entering the hood and keeping the wearer safe.

Positive Air Pressure In A Powered Respirator

Key Features & Benefits of PAPR

We have detailed some of the key features and benefits you should consider when buying a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) setup.

Tired Worker Wearing A Disposable Face Mask

No Rest Breaks

Unlike other types of RPE, the only limitation to how long you work is the unit's battery life.

Worker With Facial Hair Wearing A Powered Air Respirator

Compatible With Facial Hair

If you have a beard or a particularly fancy moustache, then powered air respirators can still be effective at preventing dust inhalation.

Battery Life

Battery Life

When making your purchase consider the battery life of the unit you are buying. Will it last long enough for your requirements?

Max Air Flow On PowerCap Infinity

Work Intensity Level

Each PAPR system has a maximum flow rate; ensure this is high enough to keep up with the rate at which you normally breathe whilst working.

Integrated Bump Cap On The PowerCap Active

Integrated Systems

Many systems come incorporated into a helmet, bump cap or even welding visor.

Replacement Battery For PowerCap Infinity

Removable Batteries

Some systems feature removable batteries; these are essential if your working day is longer than the lifespan of a battery. Removable batteries allow you to renew your unit if the batteries wear out.

Variable Air Flow

Variable Flow

Higher-end PAPR systems feature variable flow rates, which monitor the air being used and adjust to the demand. This saves battery life, allowing you to work for longer periods of time.

PowerCap Infinity Face Mask Dust Filter

Filter Cartridges

Choosing the correct filter for your requirements is essential to safely operating a powered air system. Ensure you change them at regular intervals to ensure they offer adequate filtration.

An Addtional Powercap Active Battery Charging

Additional Batteries

Look for a system where spare batteries are available; this ensures you can keep some on charge as a backup in case you forget to charge your system between uses.

Loose Fitting PowerCap Active Powered Air Respirator

Loose Fitting

These respirators do not put pressure on the face, so they will not cause irritation to the skin whilst still delivering a high protection factor and keeping contaminated air out.


Wind Resistance

The loose-fitting nature of these powered air systems means that high wind levels can impact their performance. This should be considered before putting a unit into use.


Anti Fog

The volume of clean filtered air being pushed through the mask ensures that fogging is not an issue. Any moisture exhaled by the user is quickly blown out of the mask.


Face Protection

Many of these masks feature a face shield that is rated for impact. This makes them certain units suitable for use whilst using power tools and cutting equipment.

Alternatives To PAPR Systems


Disposable Dust Masks

These disposable masks are designed to be worn for a single shift and then disposed of.


Half Mask Respirators

Covering only the nose and mouth, these half-face masks are ideal for use with goggles and ear defenders.


Full-Face Respirators

These masks cover the whole face, including the eyes, nose and mouth. This makes the masks ideal for areas with contaminates in the air that could irritate the eyes.

Cannot Find The Powered Respirator You Need?

If you are struggling to find the respirator you need, or if you just have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at +44 (0)1905 794875. Available during working hours, our friendly staff will help you find the best solution for your needs.

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