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Unvented Hard Hats

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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)

Non-Vented Hard Hats - PPE

If you are working in a cold environment, the last thing you want is a draft on top of your head. Unlike our vented helmets, these non-vented helmets cannot convect heat away from the user's head. Our unvented hard hats help you retain heat where you need it most.

Removing ventilation slots also means that these hard hats are more commonly seen with an EN50365 standard marking. The EN50365 implies that the helmet has been tested for working with live electrical installations. More unvented helmets are available with this standard marking than without as they do not have gaps through which electrical cables can easily pass.

Our unvented helmets are available in a wide range of colours and with a range of features. This range of options makes them suitable for a variety of roles. Many are compatible with accessories such as helmet-mounted ear defenders, specific beanies, and even face shields.

Evo3 Non Vented Helmet On Man

Who Uses Unvented Helmets?

Non-Vented Hard Hats In Refridgerated Warehouse

Warehousing Staff

In refrigerated warehouses, a non-vented helmet makes excellent sense. It helps keep your head warm; we also recommend looking at beanies that we guarantee are compatible with your helmet. If there is a compatible beanie, we will list it on the helmet page.

Electrical Contractor Wearing Protective Equipment

Electrical Contractors

Unvented helmets that meet EN50365 are ideal for electrical contractors that work in areas with hanging live cables that could otherwise penetrate the vents on a ventilated helmet.

Miner Wearing A Non Vented Hard Hat

Mining Operators

In mining environments having an unvented helmet can prevent grit and small debris from getting into the helmet, causing discomfort and premature wear. If you want to browse our full range of mining helmets, you can find them here.

Features of Non-Vented Helmets

Below, we have detailed some of the standard features that all non-ventilated helmets share. Each model sold will have more specific features listed on its product page. You can also see a broad range of features in our hard hats category.

Peak Options For Non Vented Helmets

Peaks Design

You can choose from a full brim which surrounds the entire helmet, a micro peak which allows you to look up with greater ease, or a standard peak which is the most common and popular option.

6-point Internal Fabric Harness

Internal Harness

An internal harness system ensures a gap between your head and the helmet's shell is always maintained. These harnesses can differ in design depending on the model of helmet you purchase.

Close-up Of A Slip Ratchet Hard Hat

Adjuster Design

All non-vented helmets feature an adjuster at the back that helps secure the helmet to your head. These adjusters can be in the form of a slip ratchet or wheel ratchet. The wheel ratchet is a premium design that offers greater granularity in its adjustment.

Range Of Different Helmet Colours

Range of Colours

We are pleased to provide a range of helmet colours, ensuring that you can find the right colour for your job role.

Hard Hat Sweatband


A sweatband in the front of our helmets ensures that sweat does not interfere with comfort.

Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders

Almost all of our helmets are compatible with helmet-mounted ear defenders. We have a compatibility guide on each page.

Other Types of Safety Helmets

JSP Hardcap Aerolite In Navy Blue

Bump Caps

If you are more concerned about banging or scraping your head on something (rather than something being dropped on you), then this may be what you need.

Hard Hat With Warm Air Exaping Through Vents

Vented Hard Hats

These are just like the helmets in this category, but with added ventilation for those who work in hot environments and want to keep a cool head.

Non Vented JSP Evo2 In White

White Hard Hats

The most commonly worn colour of hard hats; find the full range of white helmets in this category.

Worker With Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders

If you are looking for something to protect your hearing, you will find a wide range of options in our hearing protection category.

Man With Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Keep your eyes safe from debris and flying objects; our range of safety eyewhere is just what you need.

Construction Worker Wearing Protective Gloves


Hands are one of the essential tools you have at your disposal. Without proper protection, you are putting them at risk.

Sixton Safety Footwear Range


Keep your feet safe and comfortable with some of our high-quality work boots. Available in a range of sizes and styles.

Need Help Finding The Right Hard Hat For Your Needs?

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