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Full Brim Hard Hats

Full Brim Hard Hats - Safety Helmets With A 360° Brim

A full brim hard hat makes excellent sense when working in exposed locations. Instead of having a peak just at the front of the helmet like many safety helmets, the peak on full brim safety helmets extends to surround the entire helmet.

A 360° brim is good for several reasons; it offers improved protection from the sun. A wide profile full brim offers 360° protection for the ears and neck from the sun's rays, which is something that a standard hard hat does not provide. The wider brim design can also help throw off rainwater, debris and other fluids, making them popular in some oil and gas extraction roles.

This style of helmet is trendy in North America and other hot climates where shielding from the sun's glare is more of an issue. However, it still has its place in the UK, where hotter summers are becoming ever more prevalent.

Full Brim Hard Hat And Ear Defenders

Full Brim Hard Hat UK Features

Like all of our helmets, our full brim helmets are packed with valuable features that make them an essential piece of head protection that is a pleasure to wear daily. Important: please check the individual product page to ensure the specific model of the helmet has the features you require.

Six Point Harness

Internal Harness

The internal harness on these helmets is the same as on standard helmets. The harness ensures that the top of your head maintains sufficient space from the hard hat shell.

Adjustable Slip Ratchet Adjuster

Adjustable Rear Strap

All rear straps are adjustable to allow the helmet to properly and snugly fit the head without fear of it coming loose during day-to-day work.

Reflective Stickers For Hard Hats

Reflective Kits

Many of our full brim helmets have reflective kits available to ensure that you and your staff can be seen in low light conditions.

Ear Defenders For A Full Brim Hard Hat

Ear Defender Compatibility

Unique “full brim” compatible ear defenders are available for many of our 360° brim helmets.

Integrated Eyewear On A Full Brim Hard Hat

Integrated Eyewear Option

Many of these helmets can be used with integrated eye protection, reducing the amount of gear you need to remember when heading to a work site.

JSP Chin Straps

Chin Strap Compatibility

We have compatible options if you need a chin strap, including two- and four-point variants.

My Worksite Does Not Allow Full Brim Helmets. How Else Can I Protect My Neck From The Sun?

Many of our standard helmets that you can find in our hard hat category are compatible with neck capes that you can purchase separately.

You can use these to offer shelter for the neck and ears without interfering with ear defenders or other PPE equipment.

They can be fitted and removed as necessary, depending on the season.

JSP Evo Urban Camo Neck Cape

Other PPE In Our Extensive Range

Head Protection

Head Protection

You can find all our head protection here, including helmets for forestry workers, miners, and warehouse workers.

Work Gloves

Work Gloves

We have them all, from general handling gloves to rigger gloves, thermal gloves, and cut-resistant gloves.

Safety Boots

Foot Protection

Our range of safety footwear from well-established brands ensures your feet are dry and comfortable all year round.

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

We have a great selection of eye protection available, from basic safety glasses to over spectacles and integrated eye protection systems.

Respiratory Protection


You will need respiratory protection if you work in a dusty environment or with cutting and grinding equipment. Find our full range, including full face masks, here.

Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection

If you work at height, you will need a harness, lanyards and other connecting equipment to ensure your safety.

Face Shields

Face Shields

We provide full face shields for various purposes, from mesh visors for arborists to specialist visors that protect from arc flash for electrical applications.

Sonis Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders

If you work with loud equipment, you will want some hearing protection. Find in-ear plugs and over-ear defenders in our hearing protection category.

Cannot Find The Helmet That Suits Your Needs?

Give our sales team a call without delay; they will help you find the best helmet for your needs. They can check which safety standards items comply with and, if necessary, reach out to the manufacturer to arrange unique one-off colours and more. Call on +44 (0)1905 794875 and speak to one of our friendly team.

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