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Security Posts & Security Posts For Sale

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Security Bollards & Posts

Security bollards and security posts are essential if you have a nice vehicle that you wish to protect from theft. If you are unable to gate off your property then a security bollard is the next best thing.

Security posts come in various shapes and sizes, with telescopic, folding and fixed versions available.

Many homeowners and car dealerships rely upon security posts to protect their assets. These posts prevent ram raiding and vehicle theft by creating a physical barrier to entry (or exit).

Security Bollards at Aston Martin Dealership

What Are Security Posts Made From?

Almost all of our security bollards are made from steel. We stock a couple of posts that have plastic skins but are still fitted with a steel core inside. This makes them anti-ram and great for preventing unauthorised vehicle access.

Steel is great for security bollards as it is unyielding, requires little maintenance and is highly durable.

Finish options available

What Finishes are Available?

Many of our security posts are available in several finishes. Depending on the model this may be, painted, galvanised, or plastic coated. We have outlined the benefits of each type below;

  • Galvanised - A good galvanise finish prevents rust by coating the metal with a sacrificial coating of zinc. This prevents the metal from rusting for many many years.
  • Painted - This coating protects the steel from the elements. Many of our painted items are also galvanised to further enhance corrosion protection.
  • Plastic - Coated or Encased - These posts have a plastic case placed over them or bonded too them. This protects the steel from the elements whilst giving a more ergonomic external finish.
Post finished in yellow

How Are Security Posts Installed?

As security posts need to be able to stop a vehicle they require secure fixings. Almost all of our "anti-ram" security bollards are cast into the ground using concrete. This concrete footing provides the firm foundation that the post needs to restrain vehicles.

What Can I Use if I Cannot Dig A Hole?

We offer a range of fold-down posts that can be installed on your driveway. These are surface mounted, although not as strong as cast in posts, they still serve the purpose of deterring car thieves.

Anti-ram post inatalled

Who Uses Security Bollards?

Most security posts are used by car sales forecourts, homeowners and even shopping centres and factories.

Bollards installed at Shopping centre

Shopping Centres

Fixed bollards to prevent vehicles from ramming the front of the property, gaining access through large glass doors in a "ram raid".

Mitre Top Bollard

Factories & Warehouses

Use the posts to protect buildings from reversing heavy goods vehicles. They are also ideal for preventing expensive assets such as plant machinery or forklifts from being stolen.

Fold down post installed


As mentioned, homeowners use these fold down or telescopic posts on home driveways to prevent vehicles from being taken.

Cannot See The Security Post You Are Looking For?

Give us a call on +44 (0)1905 794875, we have access to many more security bollards than we show here! If you have something specific in mind we will be able to source it for you at a great price.

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