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Non-Slip & Anti-Slip Tapes

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Non Slip Tape & Anti Slip Tape

As part of our extensive range of line tapes and floor marking products, we stock a range on non-slip or anti-slip tapes & materials. Anti-slip tapes are a very easy way to improve safety at work by reducing the risk of slipping for pedestrians.

Many workplaces have areas of flooring that through extensive use have become slippery. These tapes are the ideal solution improving the traction available in these areas, and will often out-perform the original finish.

Almost all commercial properties can benefit from properly installed anti-slip tape. Some examples of where you will find slip-resistant tapes could be on disabled access ramps, steps, corridors, entrances and exits, loading bays and machine access areas.

Anti-slip precut strips installed on painted surface

Cost Effective

One of the best things about using grip tapes rather than paints is that it can be removed without damaging the floor if needed. Many of our tapes can be lifted when required to be replaced or to re-finish the floor if necessary.

Installation is quick and easy as the tapes are almost all self-adhesive so simply need cutting to length and applying with a roller or by hand. The most time-consuming part of installing the tape is ensuring that the surface the tape is to be installed on is clean and free from oil and water. It also is important that the tape is laid out correctly and not to leave too large a gap between lines of tape as this will leave an area with insufficient traction.

For most installations, there will be no need for power tools and the most complicated equipment you will need is gloves, some cleaning equipment and a trimming knife.

There is some great guidance on the HSE website which can be read here.

Roller for applying Anti-slip tapes

Who Uses Non-Slip Tapes

Non-slip tapes are found in almost all sectors commercial, private and even residential


  • Garden Steps - Older concrete steps especially can be slippery.
  • Utility Areas - Where water on the floor could reduce friction.
  • Doorsteps and thresholds - Where wet shoes can be a cause of loss of traction.

Factories & Warehouses

  • Loading ramps - these can become slippery just through use.
  • Staircases - Concrete staircases can lose traction very quickly, especially in industrial environments where oils and other lubricants may be present.
  • On Steel Staircases - Checkerplate & diamond plate offers improved traction over flat steel, but once water is added it is as slippery as ice.

Retail Environments

  • Entranceways - shops often have areas just within the door where the floor can be a little wet and pose a significant risk to the public, especially on wet days.
  • Rear Of Shop - In stock areas where painted concrete floors are common.
  • Around the refrigerated isles - Where condensation can sometimes make the floor wet and reduce friction.

Sports Centres

  • Changing Rooms - after leaving the shower water can cause a significant slip risk in changing rooms where large expanses of tiles are common.
  • Swimming pools - Grip tape applied to staircases on slides and diving boards can vastly improve safety for people ascending the stairs.

Of course, these are just a couple of examples of where you may find anti-slip tapes on a day to day basis. The possibilities of where this tape can improve safety are nearly endless.

Key Types Of Non-Slip Tapes

There are several types of non-slip tape that we offer, each has a unique feature that defines the best location for its use. Detailed below we cover the most common non-slip materials that we sell and their most appropriate use.

Choice of widths for Standard Anti-Slip tape

Standard Non Slip Tapes

Great for use almost anywhere, and available in a range of colours

Conformable anti-slip tape on Metal Stairs

Conformable Non Slip Tapes

These are designed for installation on irregular surfaces such as checker plate staircases or heavy equipment steps.

Anti-slip stair nosing

Stair Nosing Strips

These are self-adhesive strips for installation on the nose of concrete or similar staircases.

photoluminescent Anti-Slip Tape

Glow In The Dark Tape

This tape is suited to darker environments and emits a glow should there be a power outage, ensuring exit routes are highlighted.

Overbanding Tape Being Installed

Overbanding Tape

Overbanding such as TexBand and InstaBand are used for fixing fine cracks in tarmac, but can also be used to improve traction on outside surfaces. They are applied using a heat gun instead of glue.

Struggling To Find The Perfect Anti-slip Solution For Your Needs?

No problem, our customer service and sales team are here to help. They will talk you through all the options and answer any questions that you may have, ensuring that you get the best product for your needs. Our range of products within our floor marking range is ever-expanding, so if you cannot see what you are looking for give us a call on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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