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Reflective Safety Helmets

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Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)

Reflective Hard Hats - For Improved Low Light Visibility

Many of our helmets come pre-fitted or can be retrofitted with reflective materials to improve the visibility of your workforce in low-light conditions. All helmets in this category come pre-fitted with reflective materials that are visible from 360° around the helmet.

There are several key benefits of wearing a reflective safety helmet. Wearing reflective material higher on the body means it is more likely to be seen as it is less likely to be obstructed by equipment and barriers on site. The higher elevation also ensures that it is more in line with the driver's eye line.

If you cannot see the helmet that meets your other head protection needs here then do not panic. Most of our helmets are compatible with hard hat reflective sticker kits that are available separately. These come in a variety of colours and are guaranteed not to interfere with the performance of the helmet.

JSP Evolite With Reflective Stickers

Person Putting Their Own Sticker On The Helmet

Can I Make My Own Stickers For My Safety Helmet?

Placing any stickers on your hard hat other than those made by the manufacturer of the original helmet can be dangerous. Different adhesives used to attach stickers can contain solvents that degrade the outer shell of the helmet, leading it to fail in the event of an accident.

Reflective Material Range

What Grade Of Reflective Material Is Used?

Different manufacturers use different reflective materials, each with their own performance attributes. Some of our range comes fitted with CR2 (class R2) reflective material, which is the same as that used on road signs. It will highlight a worker hit by car headlights up to 341 metres away! You should check each product page to ensure the level of reflectivity needed is present.

Person Applying Reflective Sticker

Buy Your Reflective Stickers Separately.

In this category, we have included our reflective sticker kits where they are available. With these sticker packs, you can take an existing helmet and add your own reflective material. These can be applied to helmets you are buying from us or helmets you already own. Each product page contains a list of compatible helmets ensuring it fits perfectly. We have sticker sets available for medic and fire marshal roles.

JSP CR2 Reflective Hard Hats

Choose Your Colour Carefully

If you are working on a construction site certain colours can be prohibited. This is especially true in rail environments where red and green could be easily mistaken for signal colours and cause a serious accident. Generally speaking, you should choose reflective material the same colour as your helmet unless you are a first aider or fire marshal.

Other PPE Available In Our Range

Reflective hard hats such as the EvoLite CR2 Reflective helmet from JSP is just a small part of the vast offering of PPE we stock. For more PPE check out the following categories.

Industrial Safety Helmets

Head Protection

If you are not looking specifically for a reflective helmet then our head protection category will let you search by feature sets and more.

ATG Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Keep your hands safe on site with our range of premium hand protection. We stock major brands including ATG.

Work Safety Boot

Foot Protection

From steel toe cap boots to trainers suitable for wearing in a warehouse we have an excellent footwear offering.

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

If you are looking for stand-alone eye protection or some safety specs that clip into your helmet you will find those here.

Respiratory Protection And Dust Masks


You will need respiratory protection if you work in a dusty environment or with cutting and grinding equipment. Find our full range, including full face masks, here.

Fall Restraints And Harnesses

Fall Protection

Keep yourself safe when working at heights with our range harness, lanyards and fall arrest equipment.

Clear And Mesh Face Shields

Face Shields

Keep your face safe from flying objects and debris when working with grinders, brush cutters and other machinery.

JSP Sonis Ear Defender Range

Ear Defenders

If you work in a noisy environment make sure that you take care of your hearing with our exceptional range of hearing protection.

Cannot See The Right Reflective Helmet For Your Needs?

Speak to one of our sales team today by calling +44 (0)1905 794875, and they will be happy to shine a light on our helmet range and help you find the best helmet for your application. We have a vast catalogue to choose from ensuring we can find something that suits your budget and job demands.

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