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Miners Hard Hats

Mining Hard Hats For Sale - Miners Helmets

If you are in the market for a mining hard hat, you are in the right place. We stock a wide range of helmets suitable for working underground, and our modern range of safety helmets come complete with all the quality features you would expect; this, of course, includes a lamp bracket for a standard mining lamp.

Head protection is essential in the mining industry, where the risk of being hit by falling rocks and debris during day-to-day activities is elevated. All of our miner's hard hats meet the requirements of EN 397, ensuring that they are up to the job.

Most of our miners' helmets are non-vented, preventing dirt and grime from entering the top of the helmet. We can supply one-off full brim mining helmets, custom branding and even custom colours where needed. All our helmets come complete with appropriate safety documentation, ensuring you can use them immediately.

Miner Wearing A Hard Hat With Miner's Lamp

Other Features Available With Our Mining Helmets

Ear Defender Mount On A JSP Helmet

Hearing Protection

If working around heavy drilling equipment, you will be pleased to know that most of our mining helmets have the option of using integrated ear defenders. Ensuring that your eardrums are just as well protected as the top of your head.


Face Visors

If you are working with cutting or drilling equipment that uses liquid lubrication or are just washing down machinery at the end of a shift, a face visor will prevent liquid debris from hitting your face.

Reflective Sticker Colour Range On Hard Hats

Reflective Material

To ensure that you can be seen in dim environments, be that underground or out in the open on a winter's evening, you can purchase our helmets with reflective material installed or as a kit separately.

See Our Full Range of PPE

Industrial Safety Helmets

Head Protection

If you are working in any environment outside of mining and resource extraction, you may want to head over to our head protection category, where you can browse our full range of helmets and bump caps.

ATG Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Our range of work gloves will keep your hands warm and safe from the cold and wet.

Work Safety Boot

Foot Protection

Keep your feet safe with our range of work safety boots, including those with steel toe caps.

Eye Protection Range

Eye Protection

Keep your eyes clear of grit and flying debris whilst drilling and cutting with our extensive range of eye protection.

Respiratory Protection And Dust Masks


Wear the appropriate RPE whenever possible to reduce the risk of long-term lung and respiratory issues.

Fall Restraints And Harnesses

Fall Protection

When working in reach equipment or at the edge of deep excavations, our range of fall protection equipment will keep your safety anchored.

Clear And Mesh Face Shields

Face Shields

When washing down heavy equipment or cutting with water as a coolant, our face shields protect your face from the spray.

JSP Sonis Ear Defender Range

Ear Defenders

Our comprehensive range of compatible hearing defenders ensures that your work environment does not leave you with permanent hearing damage.

Need Help Finding The Right Helmet For your Needs?

Our experienced sales team are here to help you find the best helmet for your needs, regardless of if you work in a mining environment or on a rail site. Speak to our friendly team today on +44 (0)1905 794875; they will ensure that you get the fitting helmet for the job.

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