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Black Hard Hats

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Showing 1 to 13 of 13 (1 Pages)

Black Hard Hats - Supervisor Hard Hats

When working on a construction site in the uk, you must adhere to strict helmet colour coding. Part of this is that black safety helmets are reserved for specific roles. Having a colour-coded helmet system on-site makes it easy to identify different types of workers quickly and easily; after all, everyone should be wearing a hard hat.

Under the latest Build UK guidance, a black hard hat indicates that the person wearing it is a supervisor. This category has our complete range of black hard hats for sale. If you are looking for a different colour, then do not despair. We have a range of other colour safety helmets available.


Manager Wearing A Black Hard Hat With A Thermal Liner

Other Colours Of Helmets & Their Meanings

We stock a full range of helmet colours; below are links to the most popular colours.

Orange Hard Hat

Orange Hard Hats

Slingers or signallers wear these on-site; these are the people crane operators will look to for direction whilst lifting loads.

White Hard Hat

White Hard Hats

A white hard hat can be used by many competent operatives, from qualified construction workers to vehicle marshalls and site managers.

Blue Hard Hat

Blue Hard Hats

If you are a site visitor, you will almost certainly be wearing a blue safety helmet.


Green Hard Hat

Green Hard Hats

These are not permitted on construction sites but may be allowed in factories, rescue applications or other roles. If you are a first aid qualified and a supervisor, you can wear green stickers on your helmet to indicate your additional role.

Red Hard Hat

Red Hard Hats

Once again, these are not permitted by Build UK guidance on construction sites; you should wear red stickers on your helmet to indicate if you are a fire marshal.

Yellow Hard Hat

Yellow Hard Hats

These are no longer allowed on construction sites as a piece of personal protective equipment. In other industries, however, they are still very popular.

Need Help Finding The Right Hard Hat For your Needs?

Call our team of safety experts; they will be happy to assist you in finding the very best safety helmet for your requirements. Our friendly staff are available during regular business hours on +44 (0)1905 794875 and will help you comply with all your health and safety requirements on site.

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