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Melba Swintex is the world’s leading manufacturer of temporary traffic management equipment. As nationally and internationally recognised innovators and suppliers of temporary traffic management products. Melba Swintex has developed a global customer base, which sees their products in use in work areas throughout the world, including Europe and North America, testament to their trusted high product and services quality. Additionally, their commitment to sustainable product manufacturing practices has to date resulted in 90% of their product range being manufactured from recycled material.

Melba Swintex focus on producing temporary traffic management solutions that enable users in work zones to be able to quickly and easily transport and deploy equipment. This enables customers to control both vehicular and pedestrian traffic efficiently while their road safety products remain robust enough to withstand everyday use from wear and tear. They work throughout the entire product lifecycle, from design and planning to manufacture to produce traffic management products recognised among the best in a number of countries. By overseeing the complete development process, Melba Swintex maintains control over product quality, resulting in high-quality traffic management solutions that meet stringent manufacturing criteria and ensuring compliance with industry quality standards.

Melba Swintex produces a comprehensive range of road safety products. Their products come with a history of innovative, industry leading design, for example, they are well known for the design of the Big Foot traffic cone, the world’s first two-piece cone. Other innovative products include Q-signs, customisable signs, manufactured from the tough, durable, yet lightweight polypropylene, offering quick and easy transport, storage and deployment.

Melba also has a range of barriers built from high tensile material that provides protection from UV degradation, wind and water resistance as well as being able to handle day to day use. Customisable traffic cones, such the Starlite Cone that includes a retro-reflective surface that provides both daylight luminance and night time reflectivity. This increase in visibility throughout the entire day results in improved overall safety for pedestrians and drivers alike.

All products are manufactured to meet with both British and International industry road safety standards, codes of practice and regulations. Where applicable, all items meet with chapter 8 compliance in line with British road safety standards. Additionally, Melba Swintex offers a variety of customization options on their products, from custom colouring and embossing on traditional traffic signs, to choosing the ideal foot type on barriers when work zone employees are concerned with determining the best way to minimise risk of tripping in construction and maintenance areas. These options enable customers to tailor road safety products to their specific deployment scenarios in order to optimally communicate safety information.

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