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Yard Brooms With Stiffer Bristles

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Heavy Duty Yard Brooms For Sale

Maintaining a clean and tidy yard is paramount, especially in environments housing livestock. This practice not only aids in disease prevention but also enhances the overall well-being of the animals. At Start Safety, we offer a comprehensive range of yard brooms, specifically engineered with durable, stiff bristles, to cater to the unique challenges of cleaning and clearing concrete yard spaces.

Their taller bristles distinguish our stiff yard brooms from standard stiff platform brooms. This feature significantly enhances their effectiveness in removing stubborn materials like dried mud or manure. Moreover, these brooms are adept at reaching into rough and uneven areas, thanks to their extended bristles that penetrate pockets and dislodge debris.

We've curated our selection of heavy-duty yard brooms to accommodate all budget ranges. Our offerings include premium, UK-made broom heads alongside options featuring bassine bristles and stiff PVC bristles. It's important to note that while these brooms are primarily designed for yard use, they are equally efficient in clearing loose debris from potholes before repair work.

Yard broom clearing builders mats

Who Uses Yard Brooms?

Stiff Broom
  • Farmers - Farmers use yard brooms alongside squeegee brooms to keep areas free of slurry, feed and other deposits, ensuring the cleanliness of their livestock environment.
  • Equestrian Centres - Use equestrian yard brooms to keep communal yard spaces and individual stables clear of manure and old bedding whilst mucking out.
  • Recycling Facilities - Many recycling plants, especially metal recycling facilities, have rough concrete areas where a standard soft broom would not perform, and a stiff, heavy-duty yard brush is needed.
  • Builders Yards - With the common occurrence of caked-on mud left by heavy machinery and rough concrete surfaces, only the best outdoor yard broom will do the job.

Key Features Of Our Yard Broom Range To Consider

Long Bristles

Bristle Length Comparison

As mentioned, the bristles on yard brooms are extra long, allowing them to dig in and flick stubborn debris away.

Stiff Bristles

Bristle Stiffness Comparison

These extra stiff bristles make them the ideal outdoor broom suitable for clearing stuck on mud and large debris.

Round Top

Flat Top or Round Top Broom Head

A round top allows you to fit a broom clamp for improved cleaning performance, stability and strength.

Choice Of Handles

Choice Of Broom Handles

Depending on the broom head you choose, you can use a variety of broom handles, from screw-in wooden handles to tapered and push-fit handles.

Short Width

Selection Of Broom Head Sizes Available

You will notice that these brooms are not very wide; they generally are only 40cm to ensure you can put sufficient pressure on them to sweep.

Choice of Bristles

Bristle Material Options

Choose from various bristle materials, from manmade fibres such as PVC and other plastics to more natural fibres such as bassine.

Other Brooms In Our Range

We stock a wide range of brooms to suit many different applications, including;

Soft Brooms

Soft Broom

View our full range of soft brooms suitable for sweeping dust and collecting debris in dry conditions.

Stiff Brooms

Stiff Yard Brooms

Check out all our stiff brooms here for agitating and freeing debris from surfaces.

Deck Scrub

Deck Scrub Brooms

These short, bristled, stiff brooms are perfect for use in the garden, cleaning decking and patios when algae and moss take hold.

Platform Brooms

Platform Broom

Choose from a range of platform brooms with both stiff and soft bristles suitable for sweeping and agitating.


dustpan and brust set

Our durable dustpans are ideal for collecting debris after sweeping it.

Hand Brushes

Hand Brush

We have a range of heavy duty hand brushes to help you clean up at the end of the day.

Cannot Find The Broom You Are Looking For?

At Start Safety, we're committed to helping you find the ideal yard broom for your needs. Whether you're searching for the best equestrian yard broom or the best yard broom in the UK, our experts are ready to guide you. Reach out to us today at +44 (0)1905 794875 - we're here to assist you with quality and affordable solutions that exceed expectations. Choose Start Safety, where your satisfaction is our priority.

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