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Brooms For Outdoor Use

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Garden Brooms For Outdoor Use

If you are a keen gardener, a builder, or just have a patio that you need to keep clean, then you will no doubt have a use for a quality outdoor broom. Our comprehensive range of stiff garden brooms has everything you need to clean mud from pavers, sweep leaves from driveways, and sweep gravel back into borders.

Within our range of outdoor brooms, you will find everything from heavy-duty garden brooms, otherwise known as yard brooms, which feature long extra stiff bristles and are ideal for clearing heavy debris from rough surfaces. There are also deck scrubs which feature stiff shorter bristles allowing them to make quick work of algae, moss and stains on decking and patios. If you are just looking for something to sweep lighter debris, then a stiff broom with a medium-length bristle is ideal.

We supply our brooms as heads only or as kits, including handles, allowing you to buy just what you need to get the job done. Within our range of garden brooms, you will find there is a choice of bristles from all-natural fibres to man-made bristles, each with its own unique cleaning characteristics allowing you to fine-tune the performance of the broom to the application at hand.

Yard, garden broom being used to sweep up grass cuttings

Who Uses Our Heavy-Duty Outdoor Brooms

Yard Broom Removing Stubborn Moss
  • Landscapers - Whether sweeping the remnants of a delivery of bark or clearing compost from a pathway, the landscaping industry uses brooms to clear outdoor spaces constantly.
  • Home Owners - If you need a tool to sweep a pathway or clean a patio at the start of the year, then our garden brushes will have your needs covered.
  • Farmers - Workers in the agricultural sector will use stiffer bristled brooms, such as those in our outdoor and garden broom range, to shift stuck on mud and heavy dirt deposits from concrete yard spaces and pens.
  • Builders - When cleaning down at the end of the day, a stiff PVC broom makes light work of damp sand and gravel on hard surfaces.

Key Features To Keep in Mind To Get The Best Heavy-Duty Broom For Outdoors

Bristle Length

Bristle Length Comparison

Short bristles are an excellent choice for deck scrubbing, medium length for slightly rough surfaces, such as tarmac, and long bristles for very rough surfaces and heavy deposits.

Bristle Stiffness

Bristle Stiffness Comparison

Extra stiff bristles like those found on yard brooms help dig in and flick debris off the surface. A medium stiff bristle still agitates but will also give better sweeping performance on smoother surfaces.

Broom Head Width

Broom Head Width Comparison

If you are shifting heavy deposits or really need to scrub, then a wide-headed broom may be too heavy to handle or reduce the pressure being applied, making the broom less effective.

Bristle Material

Bristle Material Options

There is a wide choice of bristle materials available for stiff brooms, including recycled plastics and natural materials each product page will detail the benefits of the broom fill.

Handle Attachment

Handle attachements

For really stubborn jobs, a reinforced handle attachment is a must; we offer stays and clamps to ensure your broom is as strong as possible.

Other Brooms In Our Range

We stock a wide range of brooms to suit many different applications, including;

Soft Brooms

Soft Broom

View our full range of soft brooms suitable for sweeping dust and collecting debris in dry conditions.

Sweeping Brooms

Hillbrush Finset Sweeping Broom

All our brooms are designed to make sweeping as fast and easy as possible.

Deck Scrub

Deck Scrub Brooms

These short, bristled, stiff brooms are perfect for use in the garden, cleaning decking and patios when algae and moss take hold.

Platform Brooms

Platform Sweeping Broom

Choose from a range of platform brooms with both stiff and soft bristles suitable for sweeping and agitating.


dustpan and brust set

Our durable dustpans are ideal for collecting debris after sweeping it.

Hand Brushes

Hand Brush

We have a range of heavy duty hand brushes to help you clean up at the end of the day.

Cannot Find The Garden Broom You Are Looking For?

We have a wide range of brushes and brooms to choose from, so if you don't know your dustpan from your brush, we are here to help! Call our friendly sales team today and get no-obligation assistance, helping you find the right broom for your needs. Our team can be reached at +44 (0)1905 794875 during office hours.

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