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Indoor Brooms

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Indoor Brooms For Indoor Sweeping

Our range of professional quality brooms includes some of the best indoor brooms on the market. With a choice of natural and man-made fibres to choose from, you will be hard-pressed to find a better-performing broom set than those on offer at Start Safety.

Our indoor brooms are made from high-quality materials and feature softer bristles designed to efficiently collect dry fibres such as dust, human hair and pet hair, allowing you to sweep them quickly into a pile and collect them with a dustpan and brush. If you need a broom with stiff bristles, check out our range of yard or stiff-bristle brooms.

The selection of soft indoor brooms we offer come in a range of sizes suitable for use at home, in a workshop, warehouse or even in a school. Of course, the choice of material you choose will vary depending on the setting you are cleaning, with premium finest quality broom heads being the ultimate choice for use on hardwood flooring and delicate surfaces and coarser coco fibres being a cost-effective solution for warehouse sweeping.

Domestic Sweeping Broom In Kitchen

Where Are Indoor Brooms Used?

Soft Indoor Broom Being Used In A School
  • At Home - Indoor brooms are used at home for cleaning hard floors around the house. Clearing away dust and hair with ease.
  • At Work - Soft brooms can be used in warehouses, workshops and communal areas, where hard floors often get debris gathering on them.
  • At School - With a high density of people and clothing, hair, dust and fabric fluff builds up, with an indoor broom being the only practical and quick method of sweeping them ready for collection.

Key Points To Consider When Looking For An Indoor Broom

Different Broom Head Materials

Broom Material

Choose between synthetic plastic brooms or wooden indoor brooms. For food contact areas, plastic brooms are necessary as they are less likely to harbour bacteria.

Bristle length comparison

Medium-Length Bristles

Most soft brooms will have medium-length bristles allowing them to flex and collect dust and debris.

Soft Bristle

Soft Bristles

The generally softer bristles of brooms intended for sweeping are ideal for flatter, smoother surfaces such as concrete, wood floors, laminates, lino and vinyl flooring seen in workplaces nationwide. They hold onto debris instead of flicking it into the air.

flat top and round top comparison

Flat Top

Most of our soft brooms are flat-topped, allowing you to add a stay to the broom. Giving you greater control whilst sweeping and reinforcing the long handle.

Different Handle Choices

Choice Of Handles

Choose from a selection of different wooden broom handles with different fittings and handle lengths.

Size Options

Selection Of Sizes

Sweeping brooms are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to tackle small and large areas equally efficiently.

Different Bristle Options

Choice of Bristles

Choose from natural bristles such as Bahia, boar hair, coco fibre or synthetic made from plastic, all of which have their benefits.

Other Brooms In Our Range

We stock a wide range of brooms to suit many different applications, including;

Yard Broom

Yard Brooms

View our full range of Yard Brooms for agitating and shifting stubborn heavy debris and dirt from surfaces.

Stiff Broom

Stiff Brooms

Check out all our Stiff Brooms here for agitating and freeing debris from surfaces.

Deck Scrub Broom

Deck Scrub

These short bristled, stiff brooms are perfect for use in the garden, cleaning decking and patios when algae and moss take hold.

Platform Broom

Platform Brooms

Choose from a range of platform brooms with both stiff and soft bristles suitable for sweeping and agitating.

dustpan and brush on white background


Our durable dustpans are ideal for collecting debris after sweeping it.



We have a range of heavy duty hand brushes to help you clean up at the end of the day.

Cannot Find The Broom You Are Looking For?

If you cannot find the right brush you need for sweeping inside your property, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1905 794875. Our Friendly team of site equipment experts are ready to help you find the right tool for the job at a price that meets your budget requirements.

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