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Replacement Handles For Your Broom

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Showing 1 to 6 of 6 (1 Pages)

Heavy Duty Broom Handles

If you need a new broom handle to get your broom back on its feet, then you are in the right place. We stock a wide range of broom handles suitable for commercial, home and industrial applications, all with next-day delivery available.

Within our range of broom handles, you will find wooden handles, metal handles and telescopic handles in various sizes and fixings. We take pride in only working with premium manufacturers that produce quality broom handles that will work as hard as you do.

If you need fixings such as nails and screws to attach your broom handle to your broom head, we also keep those ready to ship out the door. Should you need a broom head to go with your handle, we stock a range of broom kits suitable for many different applications, from scrubbing muddy yards to sweeping warehouse floors; we have what you need.

Different Types Of Wooden Broom Handles

Key Features Of Our Broom Handles For Sale

  • Screw Thread - We can supply threaded broom handles suited for use with threaded broom heads.
  • Tapered - A tapered broom handle is tapered at the connecting point to the head, making inserting it into the broom head easier. For this type, you will need either a nail or stay and screws to secure the handle to the broom head.
  • Straight Handle - These handles feature no thread or taper and will need securing with either a nail or screws and stay depending on the size of the head you are purchasing.
  • Different Lengths - We offer a range of broom handle lengths; you should choose a handle length that is suitable for the task and height of the average person using the broom.
  • Different Diameters - Be sure to choose a handle with the proper diameter for the broom head you want.
  • Materials - Wooden handles offer a great balance of cost, flexibility and durability. Steel handles are stronger but can kink or bend still.
  • Telescopic - Telescopic handles are ideal for keeping in police cars and other emergency response vehicles where space is a premium.
Wooden Heavy Duty Broom Handle With Stay And Screws

Need Help Finding The Right Handle For Your Needs?

If you cannot find the broom handle you need, please contact our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875. They will gladly help you find the right handle at the right price. We work with everyone, from those buying a single broom for their home to those buying hundreds for a chain of hotels.

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