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Bike Stands & Cycle Stands In All Shapes & Sizes

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Bike Stands For Public Spaces & Workplaces

Within our range of bike stands, you will find options to suit almost any business sector and application. Our range of stands come in many colours, finishes and shapes, providing secure bike storage that fit into almost any situation.

These bicycle stands form part of a wider range of bike parking and cycle storage systems that include cycle shelters and bike racks. We have simple designs such as the sheffield bike stand, and more complex ornate designs such as the Province Duo and Mercure Stands.

We consider a bike stand to be any bike storage system that holds up to two cycles, that locks against the frame. Many of our cycle stands are available off the shelf, with custom options available to special order. We can produce stands in various sizes, colours and fitment types to suit almost any requirement.

Cycle Motif Bike Stand

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Bike Stand

  • Material Quality - Not all bike stands are created equal, the diameter of the tube used is an important factor. A thinner tube can be easily cut, bent or deformed. A thicker tube may cost more, but will much harder wearing than cheaper items.
  • Corrosion Resistance - All of our steel cycle stands are either galvanised or galvanised then painted. Beware of “painted only” cycle stands that will rust as soon as the paint is damaged.
  • Aesthetics - Appearance is, of course, a key consideration when making a purchase of any permanently installed item.
  • Fixing Method - There are two common fixing types with our bike stands, these methods are bolt down and cast in. We cover these in more detail further down the page.
  • Space - Of course you will need to have room for your new bike stand. We offer slimline solutions such as the trombone stand for areas where space is tight.
Silaos Bike Stand With Bike Locked Underside

Where Can Bike Stands Be Used?

Where you see bikes and cycles then bike racks can be put to good use. They are best installed in locations such as transport hubs (train stations and bus stations) as well as at end of route locations near workplaces.

Schools and colleges use bike stands outside of library buildings to provide secure locking facilities for students to use whilst studying.

Cafe’s and pubs are another key candidates for bike stands, as they are easy to use, especially if just popping in to grab a coffee before continuing on your journey.

Reinforced Painted Sheffield Bike Stand Installed

How Are Cycle Stands Installed?

Installation is simple and is generally covered by only two methods, these are bolt down and cast in. These both have their pro’s and cons.

Cast In Bike Stands

These require a small excavation to be made which the stand is then inserted into. Concrete can then be added around the stand to secure it in place. These are sometimes called “ragged”. This method of installation looks cleaner and is better suited to block paved and slabbed areas. A good example of a cast in bike stand is the Sheffield With Motif Bike Stand.

Cast-in Trombone Bike Stand

Bolt Down Bike Stands

If you already have a good concrete hard standing then you can simply bolt your bike stand down onto the ground. This makes installation faster but has the downside of not giving quite as clean an appearance as you have a flange and bolt heads visible. You will also need to ensure that the concrete or hard standing that you are bolting to is sufficient to support the stand.

Bolt down cycle stand

Need Help Finding The Best Bike Stands For Your Needs?

Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted bike rack or a floor-standing bike shelter we have what you need. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect bike storage solution for your needs, ensuring you get the best value for money. Please call our sales team today on +44 (0)1905 794875 with any questions you may have.

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