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QuickFit EnduraSign Road Signs

Quickfit Endurasign - Temporary Plastic Road Sign System

The all-new QuickFit Endurasign is a quick and easy to use folding plastic temporary road sign system that offers great value for money, exceptional durability, is easy to transport and has quickly interchangeable faces. It securely locks in the folded position for easy storage and transportation.

We supply the Quickfit EnduraSign as a kit complete with the shown face, or as a stand-alone frame with pre-installed toggles. This allows you to purchase just the frames should you already have a stock of compatible sign faces available.

These plastic road sign frames come complete with four toggles at standard 300mm centres, allowing all small common street work signs sizes to fit. We of course can supply a full range of Chapter 8 compliant faces in 3mm plastic all with RA1 reflective facing material.

QuickFit EnduraSign Range

Key Features Of The EnduraSign QuickFit

  • Quality Sign Faces - We stock all common DFT sign faces on the shelf ready to ship. Custom faces are also available on request. All faces are RA1 with retro Reflective Properties.
  • Durable Plastic Construction - The frame is made from durable plastic that can withstand impact and abrasion without failing
  • Compact Design - When folded flat the sign frame and face stand at only 70mm tall.
  • Interlocking Stacking Design - Each frame locks into the next making storage and transport easy.
  • Lightweight Frame - The frame weighs in at only 2.8kg making it cheap to transport.
  • Extended Service Life - If the sign face becomes damaged then new faces can be purchased. New toggles are also available as spare parts.
  • Chapter 8 Compliant - The sign frame holds the face at the correct height, with the angle to be compliant with Chapter 8, Red book requirements.
  • Non-Metalic - Will not rust, has no scrap value, is non-conductive and has no sharp edges.

Who Uses The QuickFit EnduraSign

This is one of the best plastic road signs for sale, it is suitable for many applications. This is thanks to its exceptional feature list. These signs are suitable for use in the following applications;

  • Street Works - At heart, the Quickfit Endurasign is a street works sign, its small form factor makes Quickfit EnduraSign the ideal candidate for small scale road works.
  • Utility Contractors - When repairing and servicing gas, telecoms, water and electrical utilities space on the van is vital. These compact signs are just the unit for the job.
  • Construction Sites - The small form factor of these signs makes them ideal for construction sites where new homes are being built.
  • Landscapers - With signage for tree cutting, hedge cutting and grass cutting there is everything needed for the small landscape gardener, to the council contractor and farmer cutting hedges.
  • Civil Engineering Groups - Whether it is a major project or a smaller job, the EnduraSign quickfit can be used to direct traffic & pedestrians safety.

Of course, there are many other groups that will find the EnduraSign Quickfit a great folding sign system.

Where Is The QuickFit EnduraSign plastic sign Used?

  • Airports - For controlling traffic during different times of the day, to closing off car parks and re-routing traffic around ever-ongoing maintenance works.
  • Roadworks - This is the most common home for this type of road works sign. The simple folding system making it fast to deploy and easy to transport.
  • Docks - The majority-plastic construction makes this sign easy and safe to handle, with no sharp edges meaning no cuts. Ideal for directing traffic to the next holding area or correct pier.
  • Construction Sites - Durable and hard-wearing with the ability to display custom courtesy boards, information boards and site information. This frame and sign system is unrivalled in its scope of applications.
  • Town Centres - Used to manage pedestrians during high street works or events year-round. Through this road traffic sign class was used extensively for social distancing measures.

QuickFit EnduraSign Spares & Accessories

One of the best features of the Quickfit Endurasign road sign is that it can be serviced. This is something that very few other sign systems can attest to.

Each major component is available independently this includes the sign faces, sign frames, and even the sign face toggles. Gone are the days of throwing out or scrapping signs that have a damaged face or frame but perfectly usable otherwise.

With the QuickFit Endurasign if a sign face becomes too worn, it can be swapped for a brand new one, or even re-faced by a local sign shop. If the frame ever becomes damaged it can be swapped out. If a toggle goes missing we have them on the shelf.

Ballasting The QuickFit EnduraSign

To ensure that your QuickFit Endurasign street works signs stay where you left them you should of course, like any other sign use ballast to weigh the sign down. This increases the overall wind resistance of the sign and is essential to ensure that it does not get blown into an active carriageway.

The EnduraSign 10 kg Ballast weight is a great option for correctly anchoring your sing in place. These quick deployable and easy to store weights can be stacked on the back of the sign's foot, in any combination of 1 to 3 units depending on the wind loading. They are also compatible with standard metal stanchion frames, q-signs and more. They leave no debris and unlike sandbags do not need filling or emptying.

Of course, if you prefer to use traditional sand bags we also have these available, these can be great if the weight limit of a vehicle is a consideration going to site. We have both standard and UV resistant bags available.

Assembled SignfaceC: 8.7m/s (19mph)B: 17.6m/s (39mph)A: 26.3m/s (58mph)
750mm TriangleNone8kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 122kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 3
600mm SquareNone7kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 121kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 3
750mm CircleNone5kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 117kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 2
1050 x 750mm RectangleNone13kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 236kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 4
600 x 450mm RectangleNone4kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 113kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 2
1050 x 450mm RectangleNone7kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 120kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 2
750mm Triangle + Supplementary plateNone9kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 126kg / EnduraSign Ballast: 3

Q-Sign Vs Coloured QuickFit EnduraSign

Custom Branding - Deter Other Contractors Taking Your Amazing New Signs

The Quickfit EnduraSign can be branded in almost any RAL colour of your choosing. This is a great way to mark them as your own and have them in keeping with company colours. It can also act as a great deterrent to other contractors “mistakenly” scooping up your assets at the end of a contract.

Gone of the days of a badly spray-painted leg on a sign frame to claim it as your own. Now you can have all your frames colour coded, and even embossed with your company details. NOTE: Custom colours will require a minimum order quantity of 150 units and an additional four weeks lead time.

The Endura ballast can also be branded with personalised nameplates allowing for consistency throughout the whole range.

Have More Questions About The EnduraSign QuickFit System?

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