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Sixton Resolute Forza High Silver 43469-06L S3 SRC

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Sixton Resolute Forza High Silver 43469-06L Safety Boot

The Sixton Resolute Forza High, the 'taller' version of the Resolute Forza featuring all the same great benefits and technologies but with added ankle support. This safety boot features a microfibre upper and mesh ankle support with a scratch bumper on the toe cap giving you a scuff protected toe area which will help maintain the durability of the trainer throughout the working day.

As this work trainer is designed to help those working with electrostatic materials, it features ESD technology and a metal-free fibreglass toe cap that is still resistant to impacts of over 200J. It also has a non-metal perforation resistant insert that has a puncture resistance of 1100N with a 3mm truncated cone nail. Sixton Maspica has collaborated with D30 to create an energy absorbent trainer that reduces fatigue and stress in every step. The D30 insert combined with the Stabilactive soleplate vastly improves stability, foot position and comfortability when working in areas with uneven surfaces.

With its black and silver sleek design, this boot is not only comfortable but also looks great. The black rubber upper combined with the silver accents and laces gives you a great looking safety boot that does all the hard protective work for you, allowing you to fully focus on your works while the components of the boot focus on the health of your feet. If the Forza High Silver isn't vibrant enough for you, we also have the Forza High Blue available.

Resolute Forza High Silver

Technologies in The Resolute Forza High Silver

The Resolute Forza High Silver has a variety of technologies embedded in the trainer that all help provide maximum comfort and performance.

QRS01 Logo

QRS01 Removable Insole

A removable insole made from recycled open-cell foam which absorbs shocks when walking and reduces fatigue eliminates sweat and will remain comfortable for months on months of use.

KX 3mm Fiberglass Nail Resistant Toe Cap

KX Insert & Fiberglass Nail Resistant Toe Cap

A Fibreglass Toecap resistant to over 200J. Non-metal toe cap allows for safer working around electronic devices and environments. KX Insert allows for protection over the entirety of the sole of the foot whilst remaining flexible and comfortable.

Dynamic HC Control

Provides an internal rigid ergonomic structure that adjusts the foot support from the heel controlling the ankle side movements.


A plastic support which is inserted under the sole for the heel and arch of the foot, this improves stability and support of the foot arch improving foot posture


ESD technology discharges static energy avoiding damage to surrounding objects meeting strict standards.

D30 Materials

A soft and flexible material that absorbs and dispels energy with each step reducing the energy load on the heels of your feet when walking making every step that bit more comfortable.

Forza High Silver Testing Results

Popular Working Environments For The Forza High Silver:

  • Later stages of building sites (fitting and snagging)
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Warehouses
  • Factories

Conformity Standards

  • S3 - S3 Conformity is for any anti-static product with a protective toecap and midsole with a water repellent upper
  • SRC - A grip level rating which indicates the product has been tested against slips trips and falls in wet conditions
  • ESD - Electrostatic discharge. Compliant for IEC EN 61340-5-1:2016 - IEC EN 61340-4-3:2018 - IEC EN 61340-4-5:2018

Alternatives To The Forza High Silver:

Resolute Forza Silver 43452-11L

Resolute Forza Silver 43452-11L

If you prefer a shoe style over a boot style, the Forza Silver is perfect for you. Available in Blue, Silver or Suede Green, this shoe is perfect for those working with electrical equipment in smooth steady environments.

Auckland Skipper 94378-00L

Auckland Skipper 94378-00L

A safety trainer made for the later stages of construction or interior industrial works, extremely lightweight, same great durability.

Swing Ritmo Cross 93343-00L

Swing Ritmo Cross 93343-00L

A stylish safety shoe with an upper resistant to 3mm nails and an aluminium toe cap.

What Is The Resolute Range?

The Resolute footwear range is a concept that was developed by Sixton Peak and their English partner D30. D30 specialise in high-performance footwear with impact protection solutions. Combine this with the Italian style of Sixton Maspica and the comfortable, energy-absorbing Resolute range was created. Made with 40% green raw materials, the Resolute range not only benefits the person wearing them but also the environment.

So Many Options, But Which One Is Right For You?

The Sixton range has a variety of boots for a variety of different applications, If you need some assistance in choosing the right one for you, call our sales team on 01905 794 875. They will be more than happy to explain in more detail the pros and cons of the boots you have in mind.


EN Standards EN ISO 20345:2011
Type Safety Shoe
Colour Black | Silver


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