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Ear Defenders For Hard Hats

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Hard Hat Ear Protection - Helmet Mounted Hearing Protection

As part of our extensive range of PPE and hearing protectors, we stock a variety of hard hat-compatible ear defenders suitable for use with a range of helmet brands. They come in various ‘sizes’ depending on the noise reduction rating required.

These ear defenders for hard hats are specifically designed to mount onto a helmet with a secure fit. By wearing a mounted defender, you can be sure that your hearing protection will not interfere with the fit of your head protection system. The same cannot be said for stand-alone ear defenders, which will prevent a helmet from fitting correctly.

If you are working around a loud piece of equipment and need to wear a helmet, then you will want a pair of helmet ear defenders to protect your hearing from damage.

Construction Worker Drilling While Wearing A Hard Hat With Ear Defenders

Who Uses Helmet-Mounted Ear Defenders?

Operators almost exclusively wear helmet attachable defenders in environments where a safety helmet is required. Some great examples of these environments are as follows;

Workers Wearing PPE On Site Where Loud Demolition Work Is Taking Place

Construction & Demolition

When working on a construction site, there are often many sources of noise that can damage hearing. Common sources of potentially damaging sound levels include; impact drills, waker plates and circular saws. With the obvious dangers of falling debris making helmets necessary, a mounted hearing protection system is the only realistic choice.

Man Wearing PPE Working In A Loud Metal Foundry

Heavy Manufacturing

In heavy manufacturing plants, it is not uncommon to require safety helmets due to the risk of falling objects from overhead cranes lifting heavy loads. The overhead hazard is almost always combined with a symphony of grinders cleaning welds, creating an environment that requires hearing protection and head protection that cannot afford to be compromised.

Loud Excavator And Dump Truck On A Quarry


When operating heavy machinery, the low hum of its power plant may not seem much of a concern. However, once you endure this sound for hours on end, it can present a significant risk to your hearing later in life. A hard hat is a requirement in quarrying and mining environments, meaning you will almost always need an integrated system.

Arborist With Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders


With many hours spent wielding a chainsaw, it is pretty evident that you should wear ear protection. Coupling the excessive sound levels with the risk of falling branches makes it apparent that you should wear a helmet-integrated hearing protection system.

Key Features Of Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders;

  • Ensures Your PPE Works together - By buying a mounted ear defender, you can ensure that both your helmet and ear protection offer the proper protection and are not interfering with each other.
  • One Less Piece Of Equipment To Remember - As both items are attached, you are less likely to forget to bring either item to a work site.
  • Safe Storage - When not required, the ear defenders can often be swivelled and locked against the helmet in the upward position.
Forestry Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders In Upward Position

Get The Right Level Of Protection For Your Needs

When choosing your ear protection, you should be sure to purchase an item with an appropriate SNR rating. There is plenty more information on how to get the proper level both on our hearing protection page and more detailed information on the HSE website.

The key thing when choosing hearing protection is to ensure that you achieve the right level of protection without over-protecting. Overprotecting is where you reduce the sound level to the point you lose your situational awareness; this is when you reduce what you can hear below 70dB.

Sound Levels Of Different Tasks And Machinery

Other PPE In our Range

We have a wide range of PPE available from stock to keep your hearing and your eyes, head and face safe too!

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Need Help Finding The Right Hard Hat Mounted Ear Muffs For Your Needs?

Contact our sales team today; they will happily assist you with your purchase, ensuring that you get the right equipment for the job at the right price. We carry a wide range of stock from different PPE manufacturers allowing us to offer great quality equipment at great prices. Phone today on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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