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White Safety Helmets

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White Hard Hats - White Helmets For Competent Operators

The white safety helmet is one of the most popular colours out there because, for most construction sites where head protection is compulsory, the white helmet is the only colour the average worker is permitted to wear. All other colours are banned from construction sites or are reserved for supervisors, visitors and signallers.

What does a white hard hat mean? In line with Build UK’s guidelines, the white hard hat is reserved for ‘competent operators’ as well as site managers and vehicle marshallers. This group of roles covers most roles that are present on a construction site. Other colours can be worn but are reserved as follows;

  • Orange - Worn by slingers and signallers who help guide lifting equipment operators.
  • Black - Black helmets are reserved only for site supervisors.
  • Blue - Vistors and anyone who is not a ‘competent’ operator wears blue.
Construction Worker Wearing A White Hard Hat

Are You Looking For A Different Colour Of Safety Helmet?

If you work outside of the construction sector and want a different colour of safety helmet that you can wear outside of the hard hat colour codes outlined by Build UK, then we have what you need.

Black Hard Hat

Black Hard Hats

You can purchase our range of black hard hats with or without visors, ear defenders and chin straps.

Blue Hard Hat

Blue Hard Hats

If you want a blue hard hat, we can provide these in multiple formats with many options, including vented and unvented for working around electrical installations.

Orange Hard Hat

Orange Hard Hats

These easily identifiable hard hats are popular with forestry workers, giving high visibility against dense foliage.

Red Hard Hat

Red Hard Hats

Fire marshals can wear these red hard hats in any industry outside of the construction sector. For those in construction, don't worry; we have helmet stickers for fire marshals.

Green Hard Hat

Green Hard Hats

This is where to look if you are looking for a green hard hat to wear as a qualified first aider in a role outside of construction.

Yellow Hard Hat

Yellow Hard Hats

Outside of the construction industry, the yellow hard hat is still a popular hat colour choice. We have a wide range with a multitude of features.

Pink Hard Hat

Pink Hard Hats

If you want to wear a hard hat with a real difference, then a pink hard hat may be what you want.

Cannot Find What You Are Looking For?

Our sales team is here to help you get the fitting helmet for your needs. We stock helmets from a range of manufacturers, including JSP. If you are looking for PPE from gloves and shoes or fire marshall stickers for your helmet, they will help you. Call +44 (0)1905 794875 to get free, fast, and friendly advice and guidance.

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