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Vented Hard Hats

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Showing 1 to 18 of 18 (1 Pages)

Vented Helmets - Hard Hats With Air Vents.

When buying an industrial safety helmet, comfort is a significant consideration; if you purchase an uncomfortable helmet, you are more likely not to wear it or may wear it improperly.

Thermals are an essential factor when it comes to comfort. Having ventilation slots in a hard hat allows hot air to escape and cool air to circulate back into the helmet. This ventilation ensures that you or your staff members are less likely to remove their helmets to cool down during work.

All of the high-quality vented hard hats for sale in this category feature ventilation slots, keeping your head cool whilst protecting against falling debris and consequential head injuries. Vented helmets can be used in many environments, from construction sites to rail infrastructure maintenance and manufacturing.

JSP EvoLite Vented Hard Hat Work

Where and When are Vented Hard Hats Used?

Road Works


Lightweight vented hard hats are often used during the maintenance of roads, especially in the summer. In these environments, there is little chance of falling objects falling from a great height, and the ventilation helps during hot weather.

Scaffolders With Hard Hats And Fall Restraints


A vented helmet with a chin strap will help keep you cool and protect you from falling objects. The chin strap will also ensure that your helmet stays in place if you take a fall, further improving performance.

Wind Mills On A Wind Farm

Wind Farms

With little in the way of shelter from the elements wearing a hard hat with vents can help keep you cool during construction and maintenance of infrastructure on site.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is A Vented Helmet?

A vented hard hat is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) that reduces the risk of significant injury in the event of an accident involving the head. The fact that the helmet is vented just means that it features ventilation holes to help cool the head.


Can I Get A full brim hard hat with a vent?

We do not currently stock any helmets with a full brim and vents. This may change, though, so keep checking back.

What Are The Best Vented Hard Hats

This question is very subjective, as the industry and your job role will impact the other feature sets you look for when purchasing your hard hat.

For this reason, it is near impossible to state, “this is the best hard hat”. We do think the ones we offer are all great, though!

What Safety Standards Do Vented Hard Hats Meet?

All our hard hat pages list the EN standards that the specific model you are looking at meets. Most of our helmets meet EN 397 except for a couple that exceeds this or meets parts of the standard and not others. You are responsible for ensuring that PPE you wear is suitable for the work you are carrying out.

We have more information on the testing standards associated with helmets on our helmets page.

What Colours Do Vented Helmets Come In?

Whether you are looking for a white vented hard hat or a blue one, we have a complete range of colours on the shelf.

Can I Get A Face Shield For My Vented Helmet?

Most of our vented hats are compatible with face shields and even ear defenders. Remember that you will need to purchase the guard from the same manufacturer as the helmet to ensure that the accessory does not void the helmet's performance.

Can I Use A Vented Helmet For Electrical Work?

This is a difficult question. Some of our vented hard hats meet EN50365, which details that they will protect against electric shocks in certain situations. However, this really does depend on many factors, including the size of the conductors you are working with and the voltages.

The critical risk is the passage of smaller conductors through vents in the helmet where they can make contact with the skin. JSP Safety has an informative Youtube video talking about this below.


Vented Vs Non-Vented Hard Hats Which Should I Buy?

Generally speaking, there are only two circumstances where you want to purchase a non-vented helmet. These include working in cold environments or if you are working with electrical equipment that is ‘live’ and poses a risk of cables going through the vents in your helmet.

Finding The Right Hard Hat Making Your Head Hot?

Give our sales team a call; they will be happy to help you find the best hard hat for your needs. We work with a range of manufacturers and hold large stocks, so whatever your requirements, we will be able to help.

All our head protection is made by reputable and trusted manufacturers. Most of which are also made in the UK, ensuring you can trust in the quality and performance of the hard hats we sell. Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875 or drop us an email.

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