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Railway Safety Helmets

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Railway Hard Hats - For Use Around Train Lines

When working on a job site where rail infrastructure is involved, there are separate rules regarding which PPE you should wear. Many of the regulations are related to the colours you can wear, which are carefully chosen so as not to be confused with rail signals.

Our range of railway safety helmets is all available in rail-safe colours. We can also supply most helmets, where needed, with a lamp mounting bracket, making nighttime working a lot easier.

Each rail site may have different requirements, but as an example, Network Rail guidance is that you should wear a hard hat in any area where there is a risk of injury by falling objects. Much of the country's rail infrastructure has overhead bridges, gantries and signalling equipment, so this covers most of the network.

Railway Workers Wearing Hard Hats And Respiratory Protection

Colour Coding

Like most construction sites, Network Rail has colour-coding rules for their helmets, so you know who is working in what role. However, unlike most construction sites, Network Rail has a reduced palette of colours permitted on site.

Only blue, black and white helmets are permitted by Network Rail on their construction sites. Most importantly, green and red helmets are forbidden to ensure they are not confused with signalling equipment. Each colour otherwise has its meaning; these meanings are currently as follows;

  • White - Competent worker
  • Black - Supervisor
  • Blue - New or trainee worker
White Blue And Black Hard Hats

Site Specific Needs

It is your responsibility to check that the site you are working on does not have any different safety requirements than those stated here. This requirement may be a different colour scheme, a specific helmet brand, or even a different standard to which your helmet must adhere.

Critical Requirements For Rail Safety Hard Hats

Any safety hat you purchase to use on the rail network should comply with EN 397 as a bare minimum. Depending on your work, the helmet may need to meet several other standards and criteria. For example, a helmet used around live cables will need to have insulative properties, whilst a helmet for working at height may require a different grade of harness to one worn at ground level.

Railway Worker Wearing A White Hard Hat

Other Types of Safety Helmets We Have Available

Workers Climbing And Wearing Safety Helmets

Working At Height Helmets

If you spend most of your time with your feet off the ground, we have a wide range of safety helmets that will suit your needs.

Linesman Working On Powerlines

Linesman Helmets

Working with high power infrastructure, then a helmet that is non-conductive and meets the standards set out in EN 50365.

Railway Worker Operating A Chainsaw

Forestry Helmets

If you are carrying out de-vegetation works, then a helmet with a mesh visor may be just what you need.

If You Cannot Find The Fitting Helmet For Your Needs, We Are Here To Help!

Our experienced team of safety specialists can help you navigate through our extensive range of PPE to find the right piece of safety equipment for your needs. For some friendly assistance, call +44 (0)1905 794875 today.

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