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Linesman Safety Helmets

Linesman Hard Hats - Safety Helmets For Overhead Power Work

Linesman spend most of their time working on high voltage cables at height, repairing critical power infrastructure after storms or installing new cables where needed. With the dangers of working both at height and with high power lines, proper PPE is essential.

Our range of linesman helmets comes with several key features that make them suitable for use when working with the dangers linespersons face daily. These features include;

  • A chin strap prevents the helmet from falling off in an accident or fall.
  • Electrical Insulation, these helmets are insulated to meet EN 50365 Class 0 10KV (non-vented versions only).
  • A low profile peak for improved upward vision is essential when climbing or looking up to a colleague.
  • Your helmet should have the ability to withstand impacts from above in line with EN 397.
Linesman Wearing An Electrically Insulated Climbing Hard Hat While Working On Powerlines

Other Features And Considerations When Buying A Linesman Safety Helmet

Evolite Skyworker With Impact Resistant Liner, Harness And 4-point Chin Straps On A Scale Weighing 395g

Helmet Weight

If you are working at height all day, the last thing you want is to be carrying extra weight. Many of our linesman helmets are ultra-lightweight such as those from the EvoLite range, with a shell weight of only 300g (model dependent).

JSP Evo Revolution 6-point Harness

Helmet Comfort

If you spend long hours wearing your head protection, comfort is a crucial consideration. Many of our linesman helmets feature a six-point fabric harness system for uncompromising comfort. You should also consider a wheel ratchet adjuster for its more advanced adjustment capability.

EN50365 Electrical Insulation Compliant Tag

EN Standard Requirements

Linesman helmets need to comply with the requirements of EN 397 or EN 14052 for higher-risk environments. They should also comply with the electrical insulation requirements of EN 50365.

Construction Worker Wearing A Evolite Hard Hat With Chamlon Sweatband


A removable sweatband is an essential feature of a quality linesman helmet. They improve hygiene and prevent sweat from running down the face from above. Many of our helmets feature a quality chamlon sweatband.

Evolite Skyworker Helmet With 4-point Chin Straps

Chin Strap

Not all chin straps are the same; your linesman hard hat with a chin strap should give a precise fit. It should keep your helmet firmly in place should you take a fall and experience extreme movement.

Evospec Helmet Integrated Safety Spectacles

Eye Protection

Eye protection is not always necessary, but if it is, you should ensure that your chosen helmet comes with either integrated eyewear or is at least compatible with it should you wish to incorporate it in the future. Most of our JSP Evo helmets have this feature.

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Do You Need Help Drawing A Line Under The Right Helmet For Your Needs?

Our experienced sales team will help you find the fitting helmet for your needs, whether an Evo 3 linesman safety helmet or an EvoLite that you have custom configured to your needs. Speak to the team today about our range of PPE on +44 (0)1905 794875. Our friendly team will assist you whether you are kitting out a whole crew or just buying a new helmet for yourself.

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