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Chin Straps

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Hard Hat Chin Strap Replacements & Upgrades

Where possible, we work with manufacturers to ensure we can offer serviceable parts and a complete range of accessories for our hard hats. Chin straps are a great example of this; we keep simple elasticated chin straps and four-point straps on the shelf.

These spares allow you to either upgrade a helmet originally purchased without a chin strap to include one or replace a damaged strap with a brand new one. This is an excellent way of keeping your otherwise perfect hard hat in serviceable condition for longer.

A chin strap is essential when working at height or around open excavations. It prevents the helmet from being dislodged during an impact keeping your head protected should there be multiple strikes. It can also keep your helmet in place during high winds. All our straps easily adjust to the size of your head, ensuring they are comfortable to wear all day long.

Hard Hat Chin Straps And Chin Cup Chin Strap

Hard Hat With 4-point Chin Strap

Which Chin Strap Works With My Helmet?

Before purchasing a replacement chin strap for your hard hat, you should ensure it is compatible. There are three easy ways to do this;

  1. Find your helmet on our website; it will show the compatible strap in the “compatible products” section of the page.
  2. Navigate to the chin strap you think you need, and check if your helmet is listed in the compatible section.
  3. Give us a call and ask us! We can double-check for you; this is handy if you cannot find your helmet listed on our website.

Looking For Something Other Than A New Adjustable Chin Strap?

Give our sales team a call and speak to one of our experienced safety specialists today. They will ensure that you get the best product for the job. We work with many suppliers worldwide to ensure we supply only the best equipment to keep you safe. Our Sales Lines are open during regular business hours on +44 (0)1905 794875. You can also browse our full range of hard hats in our head protection category.

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