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Quality Safety Goggles

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Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)

Site Safety Goggles, For Use With Power Tools

JSP Evo Goggles And Evo Helmet

Safety goggles make up a critical part of our eye protection range; their larger size offers more protection and load distribution than safety glasses, making them suitable for use with power tools. Protective eye goggles also provide excellent protection for your eyes against liquid droplets, which could otherwise go over or under standard safety spectacles.

With their enclosed nature, eye protection goggles are also better than safety glasses for environments with lots of dust. The tight seal formed between the goggles and your face ensures that dust particles, for the most part, are kept out. If dealing with extremely fine irritating dust or gasses, you can get an unvented pair of work goggles to keep your eyes safe.

All eye goggles we supply have class 1 quality optics, making them suitable for all-day use without worrying about eye strain. This optical clarity also makes our goggles ideal for use in environments where detail is key, such as in laboratories where measurements need to be pinpoint and accurate.

When To Wear Eye Safety Goggles

When To Wear Eye Safety Goggles

PPE Safety goggles should be your go-to protective measure against eye injuries whenever you pick up a power tool or deal with fine dust, chemicals or gasses.

They are best for applications where:

  • You are using hand tools that produce flying debris.
  • You are dealing with fine dust.
  • You are dealing with gasses that would go behind a visor or spectacles.
  • You are at risk of droplets of liquid hitting your eyes.

Below we have put together some of the features and details of where you may want to consider different levels of face protection. Remember, there are instances where you may need to wear goggles and a face shield at the same time; For example, you are at risk of high-speed impacts from a tool that is creating lots of fine dust (you would also want to consider some RPE, too at this point).

Impact RatingDescriptionSafety SpectaclesSafety GogglesFace Shields
FSuitable for use with hand tools
BSuitable for use with power tools
AProtection from high energy impact (up to 190m/s)
TSuitable for working at extreme temperatures
Suitability Rating    
3Protection from liquids and droplets
4Resistance to large dust particles (such as coal)
5Resistance to gas and fine particles (such as brick dust)
8Protection from short circuits & electric arcs*
9Suitable to molten metals & hot solids (welding & grinding)

* Only face shields rated 8, such as the JSP Evoguard C5Max

Key Features of Work & Our Lab Safety Goggles

Class 1 Optical Clarity

Class 1 Optical Clarity

Our range of safety goggles is suitable for wearing all day long. Class 1 optical clarity means no distortion of vision that can cause eye strain.

Vented Safety Goggles

Vented Or Unvented

Choose between vented and unvented goggles. Vented goggles are unsuitable for fine dust or gas; for these applications, you should choose a non-vented goggle.

Liquid Droplets On Safety Goggles

Liquid Droplet Protection

All our safety goggles are ideal for catching small amounts of water in the form of droplets; anything more than this, you will want to consider a face shield which can offer proper protection from chemical splashes.

Miogged-up Goggles


Any goggles marked as being N rated have anti-fog properties. This property makes them ideal for use in cold environments where fogging and misting can cause issues.

B Rated Impact Rated

Impact Rating

Goggles in our range are rated B for impact resistance, ensuring they can withstand “medium energy impacts up to 120m/s”.

Protection From Harmful UV Radiation

UV Protection

Look out for goggles with a 2-, 2C- or 5- marking on the lens, this means they offer UV protection for your eyes. Most goggles made with polycarbonate have this protection built in unless meant for medical applications.

Anti Scratch Lenses

Anti-Scratch Lenses

K Rated scratch-resistant goggles offer protection against scratches caused by fine particles. This helps protect the lens, keeping them clearer for longer, allowing you to see what you are doing and extending the working life of the goggles.

Goggles Compatible With Prescritpion Eyewear

Prescription Eyewear Compatability

If you wear prescription glasses, choose goggles compatible with prescription eyewear.

Goggles Compatible With Respiratory Protection And Dust Masks

RPE Compatability

If your risk assessment requires you to wear a dust mask or other RPE, ensure that your chosen goggles are compatible.

Safety Goggles Compatible With Hard Hats

Helmet Compatability

If you need to wear a helmet with your goggles, choose a low-profile design such as those of the EVO range.

Other PPE In Our Range

If you need more PPE to go with your new safety spectacles, you will find a wide range in our other PPE categories.

Industrial Safety Helmets

Head Protection

This category contains helmets and bump caps of all types and standards.

Ear Defenders

Hearing Protection

Choose from a range of ear plugs and ear defenders, allowing you to protect your hearing.

Work Safety Boots

Safety Footwear

Our wide range of work boots are premium quality and offer exceptional comfort for long working days.

Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection

From lanyards to harnesses and slings, we keep everything on the shelf to keep you safe whilst working at height.

Safety Gloves


Keep your fingers and thumbs safe from irritants, cuts and burns with our excellent range of gloves.

Dust Masks And Other Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

Ensure you are not breathing in harmful dust and vapours with our affordable and comprehensive range of RPE.

Need Help Finding The Right Safety Goggles For Your Needs?

If you cannot find the eye protection you need, then we are here to help. We have a wide range of high-quality protective eyewear ready to go on the shelf. From simple safety spectacles to full forestry visors, we have a range of personal protective equipment to keep you safe. Call us today on +44 (0)1905 794875 to get assistance or place your order.

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