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Forestry Visors & Face Shields

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Forestry Face Shields - Tree Surgeon Visors

Our range of forestry face shields will have you covered if you spend any time hedge trimming, cutting limbs off trees or brush cutting. All our forestry visors can be purchased in either a helmet format or as a simple brow guard allowing you to choose the perfect setup for your needs. Alternatively, if you just need a visor to attach to your current safety helmet, we sell the visor component on its own.

With several styles of visors to choose from, we have something to suit every budget and usage case. We even have forestry helmets with built-in drop-down safety spectacles to protect your eyes from flying liquid debris whilst brush cutting.

These visors provide an essential line of defence against flying sawdust, chippings, falling twigs and anything else the forest can throw at it. They offer exceptional protection without compromising visibility, communication or safety.

Forestry Face Visor For A Tree Surgeon

Key Features Of Our Forestry Visor Range

Safety Spectacles Under A M3 Forestry Mesh Visor

Eye Protection Compatibility

All our forestry visors can be worn over standard safety specs or your prescription glasses, ensuring you can see clearly.

Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders On A Forestry Helmet

Hearing Protection Compatible

If you need to wear ear defenders to improve your safety further, check that the mesh forestry visor you purchase is compatible with our wide range of mounted ear defenders.

Flip Up Mesh Visor In A Forestry Helmet

Flip Up Design

Easily lift the mesh visor out of the way when not in use for improved situational awareness, which is essential for using a chainsaw safely.

Different Mesh Visor Types

Mesh Types

With several styles of mesh to choose from, including stainless steel etched and woven nylon mesh, we have solutions for all common risks arborists, and forestry workers face.

Cannot Find The Forestry Visor You Need?

Do not despair, our team of PPE specialists are here to help, whether you are looking for a complete forestry helmet setup with ear defenders and visors or just a forestry helmet visor as a stand-alone part. Contact us today to discuss items from our PPE range on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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