SID Vario Radar Speed Sign With Message Function

  • SID Vario Radar Speed Sign With Message Function
  • SID Vario Radar Speed Sign With Message Function
  • SID Vario Radar Speed Sign With Message Function
  • SID Vario Radar Speed Sign With Message Function
  • SID Vario Radar Speed Sign With Message Function
  • SID Vario Radar Speed Sign With Message Function
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SID Vario Vehicle Activated Sign

The SID Vario is a superb vehicle activated sign that uses radar to read, record and display a message depending on the speed of oncoming traffic. This can be used to warn drivers that their vehicle speed is being monitored, or to thank people for driving safety. This sign can be used 365 days a year in all conditions providing it has a power source, it can even work in conditions down to -40°C.

The SID Vario is especially dynamic in that it can display both speed readouts as well as messages and symbols. These messages and symbols can be customized to suit your needs. Common symbols include smiley faces displayed to drivers obeying the speed limit and unhappy faces to those who exceed it. It is possible and advised to set a limit on the speed displayed as it could induce drivers to speed past the sign seeing how fast they can go.

Common placements for these speed signs are small residential areas, villages with long country roads leading in or out of them or in school zones. A great feature of this sign is that it can store data on board so you can analyse the amount of traffic that is speeding at a later time. It comes with Bluetooth compatibility for easy setup by a computer application, or by an android app.

Radar sign persective overview

Key Features:

  • Data Recording
  • Displays Speed Readouts
  • Displays Symbols
  • Dual Colour Display
  • Bespoke Surrounds and Faceplates
  • Battery / Solar / Mains Powered
  • Special display mask for great visibility even in direct sunlight
  • Automated modes depending on the time of day
  • Stealth mode - Works as a recording device only without displaying anything to road users
  • Dual direction - can monitor traffic flow in both directions
Radar Sign Installed on Post

The SID Vario Is Approved For Use On UK Roads

The SID Vario is one of the few vehicle activated sign systems that are CE marked and officially approved for use on UK roads. Many imported vehicle activated signs do not meet the functionality and standards that are required for UK road usage.

Each sign comes CE marked with verifiable details ensuring that you have traceability, and know the product is up to specification.

Mounting Options For The Vario Speed Sign

This radar speed sign has a few mounting options available, it can be mounted on a specialist tripod with ground spikes for temporary use on the roadside. For more permanent applications it can be mounted onto signposts or lamp posts using a mounting bracket. The heavy-duty mounting bracket can be made in all sizes upon request. When Mounting the speed sign, it should always be mounted at least 2-4m from the ground. This mounting height is recommended for the most accurate and consistent results.

Charlbury Council Speed Watch

Powering the Vario Speed Sign

The Vario speed sign can be powered in a number of ways, the most common way is using a battery, this allows for the sign to be transported with ease and has no need for prior setup or preparation when planning to reposition the sign. To protect your batteries from being stolen or tampered with, this sign is supplied with a padlock for the security of the battery and control panel on the rear of the sign.

The battery life will be around five weeks however this depends on the traffic flow of the road it is positioned above and the positioning of the sign on the road. The busier the road, the shorter the life will last and vice versa.

An alternative powering method that is rapidly growing in popularity is solar power. Powering your speed sign with our solar power kit allows the sign to operate with no maintenance. Our Solar panel kit operates at a minimum of 50 watts ensuring the sign runs efficiently.

Radar sign persective overview

Radar sign persective overview

Setting Up The SID Vario With The ‘ViaApp’

To set up or customise the Vario speed sign, you will need the ViaApp mobile or desktop app (Android or Windows only, currently not on iOS) to connect to the sign. The app will allow you to adjust the messages displayed and the LED colour. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the sign or access the data which has been recorded by the sign.

How Can I Access My Data?

Accessing the data collected by the Vario sign is fairly straightforward, simply connect your device to the sign via Bluetooth and download the data. Data recorded by the speed sign will be a VTF file which can ONLY be accessed through the ViaApp. The data recorded by the ViaApp will be variables such as; speeds of vehicles and time of day alongside the speed of the passing vehicle and the V85 figure.

What is a V85 figure?

The V85 figure is the reading of every 15th vehicle to pass the sign, this gives an accurate average of the speeds collected and is the piece of data that is most focused on by the police or local authorities. These speed signs will also record a traffic count however as it is primarily a speed sign, the traffic count will not be as accurate as a purpose-built traffic counter.

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