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SiteCop Standard 70mm Rubber Speed Bump (Fixings Included)

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SiteCop Standard Rubber Speed Bump

The Sitecop Standard is an intermediate speed bump and a key part of our rubber speed bump range. The standard ramp is fairly “harsh” when compared to the SiteCop mini and SiteCop plus. The height of the ramp is 70mm tall and 500mm long.

The ramp comes supplied with fixings and is completely modular allowing it to be adapted to almost all widths of roads.

Installation is quick, easy, and most importantly requires no digging, which means no large quantities of waste to be removed from the site.

We recommend only using the SiteCop Standard where it is imperative that vehicles are slowed down to improve pedestrian safety.

Installed Sitecop standard bumps

What Is Required To Install A Sitecop Standard

Each centre section is 500mm wide, and each end section 250mm. To calculate the quantity of each section you require you will need to use the following equation.

Centre Sections Needed = (Width of desired ramp in mm - 500mm) / 500mm

For example, if you needed a 6-metre wide speed ramp you would work it out as follows;

6000mm (desired width) - 500mm (ends length) = 5500mm (length to be covered by centres)
5500mm / 500mm (centre width) = 11 centre sections required.

If you get stuck working out how many ramps you need please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reinforcement Pole Required

The Sitecop system requires a 50mm metal reinforcement pole to be used internally within the ramp. This pole is not included but can be purchased from scaffolding supplies with ease. This pole spreads the load across all fixings ensuring the ramp stands up to long-term use.

Photo Showing Reinforcement Slot On Sitecop standard Speed Bump

Other Sizes of SiteCop

There are three types of SiteCop speed ramp these are as follows;

SiteCop Mini Size

Sitecop Mini

A gentle ramp ideal for supermarkets and areas where less aggressive traffic control is required.

SiteCop Standard Size

Sitecop Standard

This listing is for the SiteCop Standard. This ramp is fairly harsh, for most applications the Mini or Plus should be considered.

SiteCopPlus Size

SiteCop Plus

A speed bump that is very well suited to HGV use. It works well with cars too. These are great for supermarkets and vehicle checkpoints.

Need Help finding The Right Speed Bump?

Give our sales team a call to discuss our speed bump range today! They will help you get a speed bump that suits your needs whilst sticking to your budget!

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Length 500mm
Height 70mm
Colour Black / Yellow
Type Recycled Tyres & Resin
Drill Hole Size 14mm


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