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SiteCop Mini Compact 50mm Rubber Speed Bump (Fixings Included)

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SiteCop Mini Compact Rubber Speed Bump

The sitecop is the smallest of our current range of rubber speed bumps, it is only 50mm tall and 400mm long making for a “softer” experience when driving over the ramp. The SiteCop Mini can quickly be installed onto tarmac and concrete roads without any excavation.

The Sitecop Mini is made from recycled tyres, this helps contribute to a longer life-span than PVC style bumps and also allows them to flex slightly when being ran over. Most importantly they are taking an otherwise unwanted product and making them useful again, cutting down on potential landfill waste.

These ramps are ideal for car parks, schools, colleges and business parks. They offer a slightly softer “bump” than the other ramps in the sitecop range.

Mini-SiteCop Speed Bump Installed

Key Features

  • Fast Installation - The Sitecop mini can be installed in hours, when compared to tarmac or concrete this is a huge time-saving.
  • A Smooth Quite Speed Bump - When compared to metal or concrete speed bumps the experience of driving over these ramps is far gentler, yes still forces vehicles to slow.
  • Superior Visibility - The reflective panels on these speed bumps can be seen from a distance, ensuring that drivers have adequate warning and can slow accordingly.
  • Reinforced Core - A 25mm steel core inserted into the channel between all sections provides load distribution between speed bump segments.
  • Recycled Material - Preventing old tyres going to landfill, these ramps are made almost entirely from recycled truck tyres.
Mini-Sitecop dimensions

Key Applications;

This gentler speed ramp is suitable for use where vehicles need a reminder to stick to the speed limit.

We find that these are especially popular with multi-storey car parks, college campuses and doctors surgeries.

Calculating How Many Sections Required

Each centre section is 500mm wide, and each end section 250mm. To calculate the quantity of each section you require you will need to use the following equation.

Centre Sections Needed = (Width of desired ramp in mm - 500mm) / 500mm

For example, if you needed a 6-metre wide speed ramp you would work it out as follows;

6000mm (desired width) - 500mm (ends length) = 5500mm (length to be covered by centres)
5500mm / 500mm (centre width) = 11 centre sections required.

If you get stuck working out how many ramps you need please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reinforcement Pole Required

The Sitecop system requires a 25mm metal reinforcement pole to be used internally within the ramp. This pole is not included but can be purchased from scaffolding supplies with ease. This pole spreads the load across all fixings ensuring the ramp stands up to long-term use.

Underside of SiteCop Mini

Choose The Right Size

The SiteCop Mini is part of a range of three SiteCop Sizes;

Sitecop Mini

Sitecop Mini

This page is for the Sitecop Mini which is a “gentle” rubber speed bump. Suitable for applications where a soft reminder to adhere to the speed limits is needed.

Sitecop Standard

SiteCop Standard

The SiteCop Standard is a 70mm tall speed bump that is harsher than both its siblings. It enforces speed limits and is ideal for sites where there is a lot of foot traffic around vehicles.

Sitecop Plus

Sitecop Plus

The SiteCop Plus is a long speed ramp that is brilliant for HGV use. We supply these mostly to distribution centres and depots.

Need Help Finding The Right Speed Bump For Your Needs?

You can call our sales team a call at any time during office hours on +44 (0)1905 794875 and speak to one of the team. Our staff are experienced and will ensure you get the right speed bump at the right price.

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Colour Black / Yellow
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Type Recycled Tyres & Resin
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