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Why Choose Our Plastic Road Signs?

Q-signs are the go-to temporary plastic road signs. Designed and manufactured in the UK by Melba Swintex, these Q-signs make the ideal temporary plastic road sign. These industry leading non-metallic road signs surpass even traditional metallic signs in a number of areas; providing rust resistance, durability and ease of deployment to name but a few of their advantages whilst at the same time meeting the UK industry standard requirements for road signage.

  • Non-flammable: Fire is one of the most common forms of danger in the workplace. These Melba road signs are non-flammable helping to protect road workers and passers-by, by using road signs that will mitigate against such risks as sparks, cigarette ash and other naked lights that may cause fires by preventing them from spreading.
  • Non-Rusting: Unlike metal road signs, Q-signs are non-rusting, which protects them from not just air-moisture and water but other containments in the atmosphere. You can leave these signs out overnight knowing that they will easily endure any environmental changes that would typically affect metallic road signs.
  • Retro-reflective Sign Face: The retro-reflective face of these signs are designed to keep the roads a safer place by ensuring they can be seen both at night and in inclement weather. Headlights from vehicles illuminate the signs, making them clearly seen without blinding drivers by reflecting the light back to its original source (typically the headlight).
  • Durability: Q-signs have a tremendous resilience. They can withstand accumulation of multiple impacts; be it natural environmental causes, human-made pollutants or the simple wear and tear from everyday use. Being manufactured from polypropylene makes them ideally suited to long-term use, giving them a much longer life over metallic road signs.
  • Protect Against Theft: Unlike metallic road signs, Q-signs will deter potential theft for any rust or scrap metal value by being made from polypropylene.
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Our Temporary Plastic Signs Are Easy To Use

Lightweight Q-sign


The relative lightness of these plastic temporary road signs make them easy to move, either from the van to the workplace or from one point in the work area to the another. They also help reduce the greater strain involved in moving metallic signs, helping road workers to prevent any potential injury.

Q-sign stack for easy transport

Easy to transport

Not just designed for wear and tear, these plastic road signs are also designed to be easy to transport. They feature an interlocking stackable design that folds flat to make them easy to store as each sign nestles against the other this compactness turns them into a space saving product.

Quick to set up

Ease of set up

With an A-frame design the Q-sign becomes both quick and easy to set up, with minimal fuss whilst giving them optimal sturdiness. The A-frame also makes it easy to add a sandbag to the base to provide extra stability in heavy weather. The one-piece design means there are no clips or other fixings to worry about; simply pop out the stand and place the sign in position. This leg helps the sign stay standing, making it much harder to collapse if it is knocked or bumped.

Customise your Q-sign as you need.

Melba Road Signs provide a complete range of British road signs but are also customisable to suit your needs. Choosing both the sign face and your own accompanying text allows you to create a sign that will optimally capture attention and quickly communicate important information.

Fully Compliant

The Q-sign is fully Chapter 8 Compliant, ensuring they are road legal when deployed correctly by meeting the requirements of UK Traffic Law. Additionally, they have been tested to meet strict wind resistance requirements for temporary plastic road signs in 3 different classes, including class A signs, providing wind resistance up to 59mph.

Need help choosing your temporary plastic road sign?

Whether you need help choosing the right road sign, understanding your customisation options or simply have a question about one their features, our trained sales team would be delighted to talk with you about your needs on +44 (0)1905 794875. Our items can generally be found in stock with a range of delivery options, including next day and Saturday delivery, plus we offer bulk discounts on our range of Q-Signs, so feel free to get in contact.

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