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Metal Sign Frames

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Showing 1 to 24 of 24 (1 Pages)

Metal Road Sign Frames For Sale

Our metal road sign frames are produced from 25 x 25 x 3mm angled mild steel, they are the “traditional” temporary road sign frame. Sometimes referred to as Stanchion frames, our metal frames are finished in a durable grey paint to resist rust.

These frames are great for small road work operations, were easy to transport signage is required. These frames are available in an array of sizes to suit all sign face shapes. Each frame also incorporates a sandbag bar on the back legs for ballast bags. By using the proper ballast the wind resistance of these signs is massively increased.

We recommend using Zintec faces (thin coated steel) with these frames, the faces are clipped into the frames using metal clips which are available separately. Using clips instead of riveting the faces into the frames allows for quick and easy changing of sign faces if it is ever required.

Metal Road Sign

Metal Frame Sizes & Shapes

These frames come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the different faces that are available. The common frame sizes that we stock for next day delivery are:

Triangular frame

750mm Triangular Sign Frame

For use with warning signs such as men at work

Square frame

750mm Square Sign Frame

These are used with “circular” sign face diagrams such as No entry.

1050x750mm frame

1050 x 750mm Sign Frame

Commonly used for instructional signs and some directional signs

1050x450mm frame

1050 x 450mm Sign Frame

Commonly used for diversion and diverted traffic sign frames.

600x450mm frame

600 x 450mm Sign Frame

Used for pedestrian signs commonly seen on footpaths.

Supplementary Plate Options

Some triangular and square sign frames are often used with supplementary plates, for these instances you will need to choose a frame with a supplementary plate slot. If you do need a supplementary plate do not forget to order extra clips for the plate!

Supplementary Sign Frame

What are the differences between quick fit signs and Stanchion Frames?

Although these two sign systems appear very similar they do have some significant differences.

Quick-Fit Signs

The sign faces on the quick fit sign system sits on the face of the frame, with toggle pins that lock the sign face in place. They hold the sign higher from the ground and are made from heavier-duty steel.

The key benefits are that you can change sign faces quickly without tools and that it is a one frame fits all option. All similar sized faces can fit onto the same face, with and without supplementary plates.

Quick-fit frames

Stanchion Frames

These are a cheaper alternative to quick fit sign faces, they are also smaller in size than quick fit frames so can be easier to transport.

The downside to these frames is that you require the correct sign frame shape for each face. For examples, you cannot use a triangular face in a square frame. You will also need a hammer or other lever to remove clips should you wish to change the sign face.

Metal Triangle 750mm Men at Work in frame

Keep Up To Date With Current Regulations:

You can check our regulations page to ensure that you are buying the right signs for the right places and remaining compliant with Chapter 8 regulations. On our regulations page you will find links to all current government documentation on signage and street work layouts.

Need Assistance Find The Right Frame?

If you want a riveted sign frame instead of a clip in, or require something completely different to what we are showing here, then please do not hesitate to give our sales team a call. Our experienced staff are on hand during normal office hours to assist with any and all enquiries. Our team can be reached on +44 (0)1905 794875.

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