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Lollipop Signs, Stop Go Boards & Stop Works

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Stop & Go Lollipop Signs

Amongst our lollipop signs, sometimes also called Stop Go signs; you will find a product ideally suited to your needs. We stock stop and go signs for a range of everyday uses, from small and medium work zones to managing traffic outside of schools and more. In addition our range of stock features only the highest quality items, meaning you get a product that will last whilst being easy to use.

Common Scenarios For Using Lollipop Signs

Schools are an ideal use case for lollipop signage. Create a safe crossing environment for school children as they cross the road in front of these vivid and eye-catching signs. With these lollipop signs, you can ensure vehicles will notice them in plenty of time to prepare to come to a stop. They feature a retro-reflective face, which makes them easy to see in a dusky atmosphere, perfect for periods of the year when it gets darker earlier in the school day.
Road Works
A classic scenario for lollipop signage. Ensure you keep the traffic flow going in areas conducting road work. Automated lollipop signs are particularly well suited to this use case as a single operator can control traffic flow at both ends of the work zone at the same time. If need be, you can even switch to a Stop signal at both ends of the work zone to prevent traffic from filtering through, particularly useful if there is an emergency or if members of the work area need to navigate through it safely.
Accident Sites
Lollipop signs of all kinds are easy to deploy, especially convenient in emergencies such as an accident site when traffic needs to be quickly managed to secure the safety of the area. These are particularly useful as an alternative to traffic lights due to their relative lightness and portability.
Stop Go Sign On Roadwords

Key Types of Lollipop Sign

Fixed Stop GO Lollipop Sign


These traditional handheld lollipop signs are typically seen at road works and allow the operator to control the flow of traffic easily. They are the classic stop and go sign and feature large and clear lettering with optimal contrasts against the background colour, so their message is unmistakable.

Folding Lollipop Sign


With the same high quality, easy to see and operate features of the fixed signs, folding signs allow the handle to folds up for portability. A variation of the sign with "Stop Children" makes them ideal for school crossings.

Automated Lollipop Sign


These Stop and Go signs provide great ease of use. The automation comes from a handheld radio control unit that can control multiple stop and go signs at the same time. This set up only requires a single operator to work two units that can efficiently manage traffic flow. Especially useful to keep the operator safe as they can stand away from the road when controlling traffic flow.

Premium Quality

With all of our Stop-Go signs, we stock only premium quality items. Careful consideration of each point of their design, from strength and robustness to ease of deployment and high visibility, our stop-go signs have been created to be;

Hard Wearing

Our stock of manual Stop and Go signs are exceptionally hard wearing. The decision to use 3M™ Engineer Grade Prismatic faces ensures our signs deliver the highest standards in strength and durability plus they are fully recyclable. Featuring a scratch resistant coating and a vacuum applied vinyl face, protects them from damage from the environment, whether from the spray of dirt and gravel kicked up by a car or harsh weather conditions. Additionally, there's no need to worry about rusting, rotting or corrosion plus their shatterproof design all culminate in a product with a longer life than wood or metal signs.

Easily Seen

The use of a retro-reflective face means that they can easily be seen at low visibility be it due to the time of day or inclement weather. This reflective face allows the sign face to be illuminated and clearly seen without blinding the vehicle driver as the light is reflected directly back to its source, typically the headlights of the vehicle. Our signs are also designed for optimal colour contrast where the text is strongly legible whilst being clear and bright, making them visible even in low light conditions. And with a universal colour scheme our lollipop signs can be easily recognised even by foreign drivers.

Strength & Comfort

Our manual stop and go signs have been designed to deliver high quality in both strength and comfort. All of our lollipop signs have been carefully weighted to allow for an optimal balance between ease of use, comfort and grip whilst also being strong enough to endure repeated use over a long period of time. Our signs don't compromise in either of these important areas and give the operator the best of both worlds.

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