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Cone Signs

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Chapter 8 Cone Signs & Traffic Cone Signs

If you are looking for a compact and cost-effective temporary sign solution then cone signs are a great place to start. These simple signs slip over traffic cones that you can purchase separately, which means no more separate frames to carry, that can take up valuable extra space.

These temporary road signs are suitable for road works and especially popular with small scale mobile works where travelling light is important. You will frequently see builders using these as a simple traffic sign solution.

These traffic cone signs come complete, only requiring either a 750mm or 1-metre tall traffic cone for deployment. These signs are made from 3mm plastic with a Class 1 reflective face. All our signs exceed or match the specifications as required by the chapter 8 guidelines.

Cone Signs Set Against A Concrete Wall

Key Features Of Road Cone Signs:

  • Lightweight - 3mm plastic sheeting makes these signs flexible yet sturdy.
  • Compact - When stacked these signs take up minimal space, ensuring you do not lose too much space for tools.
  • No Scrap Value - Sometimes metal signs can be a prime target for theft, these signs being all plastic are not at all desirable to scrap metal thieves.
  • Hard Wearing - With such a simplistic design these signs are as durable as the traffic cones that they are mounted onto.
  • Available With Supplementary Plates - Can be purchased with a selection of attached supplementary plates, such as “End” “tree cutting” and “hedge cutting”.
  • Fast To Deploy - These signs are one of the fastest signs to deploy, simply drop the loop on the rear of the sign face over a suitable cone and you are done.
  • 750mm size - We offer 750mm sized sign faces by default offering more flexibility with where they can be deployed.
Cone Signs Collapsed And Ready For Storage

Choose From A Variety Of Sign Faces and Sizes

We stock a selection of sign faces including men at work, keep left and “road narrows” signs to name a few. All our cone signs are 750mm tall unless stated otherwise, this makes them suitable for roads with slightly faster speed limits. Beware of other sellers offering sign faces only 600mm tall, which are only suitable for 30mph speed limits.

If you do require 600mm sign faces in particular, or cannot see the face that you need, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to have any sign face custom made to your requirements.

Cone Signs Examples

Other Sign Options

Cone signs are not the only temporary sign that we stock! We carry a vast range of sign types from all plastic signs, to metal signs and folding signs. If you are looking for one of these products you can browse the full range of our road signs in the road sign category.

Need Further Assistance?

We are here to assist you in finding the best road sign solution for your needs. Our sales team are available during office hours to assist you with any questions you have. They can be contacted by our contact form, chat window or by phone during office hours.

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