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Permanent Directional Signs For Sale

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Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)

Road Directional Signs For Sale

Directional signs are almost always custom as they will include place names, diagrams for roundabouts and road numbers. Without direction signs, anyone driving without a sat nav would be lost.

Road directional signs come in a few different formats to suit different applications.

  • Shaped direction signs - These signs have one end with an arrow shape, indicating the proper direction to travel to the mentioned destination.
  • Rectangular Signs - These often include the directions to multiple sites or even specific roads, for example, the nearest motorway.
  • Diagram Based Direction Signs - These are used on roundabouts or junctions to inform road users which exit to take to get to their destination.

We offer a simple and easy way to buy direction signs with arrows, online. For more complex signs that have junction diagrams we recommend emailing us, we will then be able to provide a full quotation.

Directional Bike Sign

Where Can You Find These Signs

You will find directional signs all over the UK road network as well as on large industrial estates, university campuses and hospitals.

Directional signs come in a few different colours that change depending on their context and target audience.

Blue motorway directional sign

Blue - this indicates that the sign relates to motorway traffic, the directions to a motorway, or that you are on a motorway.

Green A-road directional sign

Green - Green signs are used on primary routes, which are mostly ”A” roads.

White non-primary route direction sign

White - These are for non-primary routes, and can include sub-areas of green or blue.

Brown tourist attraction direction sign

Brown - These are directions for local tourist routes or attractions.

Black HGV direction sign

Black - Black is used for directing heavy-duty traffic such as HGV’s along appropriate routes to industrial estates and sites.

sub-diagrams on a white direction sign

Some directional signs will even include sub diagrams to indicate where certain types of traffic are prohibited

Other Permanent Sign Types

Disabled badge Holders Only Information Sign

Information Signs

These permanent signs give information indicating how far a junction is away in the form of countdown markers. They are all rectangular and can in some instances feature regulatory signs within them.

Selection of Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Most permanent warning signs for the road are triangular in shape and feature a red border. These signs warn drivers of obstacles, lane restrictions, and significant changes in the road direction.

Different regulatory signs

Regulatory Signs

These regulate the types of traffic, for example, restricting heavy goods vehicles from certain routes. They may also prohibit manoeuvres such as U-turns, or set speed limits.

Frame with a Supplementary Plate Slot

Direction Signs

Directional signs are not just permanent, you will find them on road work sites offering guidance for diverted traffic. These can all be found in our temporary road sign category.

Need help finding the right direction sign?

If you need to speak to an expert we are here to help, our sales team is available during normal office hours on +44 (0)1905 794875. We will help you find the right sign, at the right price to ensure you get the job done on time, and within budget.

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