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High Quality Rubber Speed Bumps

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Rubber Speed Bumps

Our extended range of rubber speed bumps offers easy installation and consistent performance. Unlike manually formed tarmac or concrete speed bumps these formed rubber speed bumps are all uniform in size and durability. This consistency ensures that each section fits snugly against the next and gives a high-end appearance.

Much like our PVC speed bumps, many of our rubber speed bumps are made from recycled material. This cuts down on the environmental impact of producing the speed bumps and also production costs (and therefore the price you pay too!).

A favourite of councils, shopping centres and busier car parks as the rubber acts as a shock absorber and cuts down on noise pollution from the ramp. These ramps are frequently seen at waste processing sites, especially within the Worcestershire area.

Rubber Speed Bump Installed

Key Benefits Of Rubber Speed Bumps

  • Easy Installation - Quick and easy to install, simply bolt them down to the surface of the road.
  • Made From Recycled Material - Produced from either recycled tyres or other used rubber material.
  • Quiet Operation - Acts as a slight shock absorber so it is softer on car suspension whilst still reducing the vehicle's speed.
  • Fast Installation - No drying or curing times are needed; they can be driven over straight after install.
  • Highly Visible - Contrasting black and yellow colouring ensures that our rubber speed bumps are easily spotted.
SpeedBump material close-up

Speed Cusion On A Road

Speed Cushions

Also made from rubber, these larger ramps resemble cushions and are frequently used on roads around schools and pedestrianised areas.

Flow Plate Product Close Up

Flow Plates

These restrict traffic preventing them from driving the incorrect way in or out of a driveway entrance.

Premium PVC Speed Bumps Fitted On A Road

PVC Speed Ramps

These are a hard material and offer a cheaper alternative to rubber, yet still have comparable performance and lifespan.

Speed Bump Ahead signs

Need Warning Signs?

We have a full range of speed bump accessories including speed limit signs, speed bumps ahead warning signs and many other items. By using these signs, you can ensure that motorists using the site are adequately warned of the speed ramps ahead.

Speed Bump choice

Need Help Finding The Right Rubber Speed Bump?

Give our sales team a call and ask about our range of rubber speed bumps. We can help ensure you that you get the right speed bump at the right price. Our sales team are available on +44 (0)1905 794875 during office hours.

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