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Premium Orange Hi Vis Overalls

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Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)

Orange Hi Vis Overalls For Work Use

If you ever visit a construction project that is linked to the rail network, you will see a sea of hi vis orange workwear, including hi vis orange overalls. We stock a wide range of orange overalls that cater to the needs of the rail industry as well as other industries that have a preference for orange hi vis.

All of our orange hi vis overalls are fully compliant with EN ISO 20471, ensuring you can be seen easily by colleagues, supervisors and most importantly those operating heavy equipment and vehicles. Many of our overalls are also waterproof and therefore meet EN343, guaranteeing their performance even in the worst of weather conditions.

With orange Hi Vis overalls in the UK one of the most important standards people will be looking for is RIS-3279 “rail standard” which indicates that the overalls meet the requirements of network rail and other major operators for use trackside. All our orange hi vis coverall product pages indicate that this standard is met on their pages, giving you peace of mind that you are compliant whilst working on site.

Workers Wearing Orange Hi Vis Overalls

Key Features of Our High Visibility Orange Overalls

EN20471 Reflectivity Standard

Conforms To Standards

All our orange high visibility overalls are EN ISO 20471 compliant to either class 2 or class 3, ensuring you have the maximum level of visibility overalls can provide.

Ris 3279 Rail Standard

RIS-3279 Rail Standard

If buying for use on the UK’s rail network, ensure that the item of clothing you are purchasing has this standard covered to be sure you are compliant with wearing it on site.

EN343 Water Resistance Stanrard

Weather Resistance

If you need waterproof overalls, ensure they have the marking EN343. This indicates they have been tested for waterproofing and breathability.

Worker With Vibrant and Highly Reflective Clothing


The quality brands we work with use premium luminous orange and yellow fabrics, ensuring you maximum visibility even in poor light conditions.

RTX Reflective Tape Stiched Onto Orange Hi Vis Ovearalls


Our premium range of hi-vis overalls uses quality branded reflective tapes, that are often double stitched as well as heat pressed, ensuring they last for as long as possible.

Chest Pockets On Orange Hi Vis Overalls


Within the range of overalls we offer there are many types and styles of pockets. Some common options include combat, hip, reach-through, and chest pockets.

Additional Thermal Liner For Overalls

Additional Liners

We provide separate thermal liners to fit many of our foul-weather overalls, allowing you to control how warm you are while you work.

Quality Stiching

Quality Stitching

The nature of overalls and coveralls means they are pulled in all directions. Look for quality double and triple-stitched seams that are well-reinforced.

Quality Zip On Hi Vis Overalls

Quality Zips

Having a quality branded zip on your overalls will ensure they last longer and more importantly, stay zipped up when you are hard at work. This can prevent snags and unexpected drafts.

Hood On Waterproof  Hi Vis Overalls


if you are buying something for use in the worst of weather, then it is worth looking for something with a quality hood. Ideally, this would be removable, giving you more flexibility.

Other Items From Our Vast Range Of Hi Vis Workwear

Hi Vis Jacket

Hi Vis Jackets

Our comprehensive range of hi vis jackets will keep you warm, dry, comfortable and seen on site.

Hi Vis Trousers

Hi Vis Trousers

Choose from a wide range of trousers to suit almost any application, with waterproof options and combat styles available.

Hi Vis Polo Shirt

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Whether you prefer long sleeved, short sleeved or even need something cut resistant we have you covered.

Hi Vis Sweatshirt

Hi Vis Sweatshirts

Looking for a hi vis hoody, sweatshirt or jumper we have them in stock in a range of sizes.

Need Help Getting The Best Hi Vis Workwear For Your Needs?

If you are looking for a great deal on hi visibility workwear then please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1905 794875. Our friendly team of PPE experts are here to help, you can even buy your Hi Vis Overalls alongside speed bumps, GS6 kits and many other items in our range; all with fast delivery.

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