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Premium Quality Waterproof Jackets With Fast Delivery

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Hi Vis Waterproof Jackets For Keeping You Dry

If you work outside in the UK you will be well aware just how often and for how long it rains, you will also be aware how unpleasant it is to work in wet clothing. For this very reason we stock a range of high quality waterproof hi vis jackets with plenty of features designed to keep you dry through winter and summer downpours.

Simple features included on some of our waterproof hi vis work jackets make all the difference to how dry you remain during the working day. Things like double velcro storm flaps and adjustable cuffs are just two of many features that can prevent unpleasant leaks when the skies open up.

Within our range of High Vis Waterproof Jackets you will find a range of styles to choose from, including bomber jackets and traffic jackets, all of which are available in different colours and of course sizes to suit all needs. Lightweight unlined waterproof jackets are also available for those summer month storms where the rain is exceptionally heavy but air temperatures remain higher, ensuring you do not get too warm whilst you work.

Pulsar P487 Storm Coat In The Rain

Key Features & Considerations When Buying A Hi Vis Rain Jacket

Below we will cover some of the key features that you should consider and look for when purchasing a waterproof hi vis rain coat. There are lots of other features you should consider when buying hi-vis jackets, such as pocket positions and liner material, we go into more detail on this on our Hi Vis Jackets Page.

EN343 Marking

Make Sure It is Waterproof

Look for a EN343 marking. This will tell you the jackets water resistance performance and the breathability of the garment. We go into more details about EN343 on our hi vis waterproofs page.

Nordic Style Hood

Hood Style

Look for a nordic hood style that covers more of the head without being detrimental to your field of vision. Many hoods also feature the ability to adjust the fit using draw strings.

Removable Storm Coat Hood

Removable Hood

Do want to be able to remove your hood after a storm passes, if so look for a jacket with a removable hood. Many of our jackets feature “zip off” hoods.

Adjustable Cuffs On A Waterproof Storm Coat

Cuff Adjustment

Having adjustable cuffs with either velcro or elasticated adjustment can help keep the wet weather and wind out of your jacket, keeping you dry and helping to regulate temperature.

Inner Cuffs

Inner Cuffs

Some jackets come with neoprene inner cuffs, these stretchy sections of the cuff form a tight yet comfortable seal around the wrist preventing water trickling down the arm and further weathersealing.

Long Style Storm Coat

Jacket Length

Be mindfull of how long the jacket you are looking to purchase is. If it is not long enough to cover the top of your waterproof hi vis trousers you may just end up with wet legs.

Storm Flaps That Protect The Zip

Zip Style

Ensure the zipper has weather sealing, many of our jackets have double flaps putting the zip behind two layers of fabric, both of which are held firmly in place with velcro.

Pulsar Waterproof Hi Vis Jacket Chin Protectors

Chin Protectors

These keep your lower face shielded from the elements and can prevent water entering at the top of the neck.

Mesh Liner On A Waterproof Jacket

Liner Style

Choose a jacket with an appropriate liner, thick padded jackets may be great in the winter but could be too hot in the summer. Look for jackets that can be layered with other garments as a system.

Waist Adjustment

Waist Adjustment

The ability to adjust the waist tension can be important, especially on shorter jackets that may otherwise ride up and leave the lower back exposed.

High Winds


Check to see if your chosen hi vis winter jacket has any windproofing properties, as rain storms are often accompanied by strong winds.

Ventilated Under Arms


Being waterproof from the outside is fruitless if your skin cannot breathe and you just end up saturated by perspiration. Check for vents under the arms and breathability of the garment.

Pocket Style

Pocket Style

Make sure that there is at least one waterproof pocket either outside or inside the jacket, otherwise your phone, wallet and even car keys may get soaked.

All of the above points go alongside the obvious features such as making sure that the jacket has the appropriate reflective tapes, is the right colour, and is suitable for your working environment.

Other Types OF Hi Visibility Clothing From Our Range

High Vis Trousers

Hi-Vis Trousers

Browse our range of hi-vis trousers, with waterproof options available in a range of colours and sizes.

Hi Vis Waistcoats

Hi Vis Vests

Ideal for wearing over normal workwear to add extra visibility when required at work or on site.

Hi Vis Overalls

Hi Vis Overalls

When you need to cover every base our hi visibility overalls are a great way to protect your clothes whilst remaining visible.

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Ideal for summer months where a long sleeved polo shirt will still keep you visible but will also be cooler than a jacket or jumper.

Need Help Finding The Right Hi Vis Jacket Waterproof?

Whether you are looking for a Mens Hi Vis Waterproof Jacket or just need help understanding our range of high visibility waterproof jackets we are here to help. We stock a large range of PPE covering, keeping you safe from head to toe. Simply call our friendly sales team on +44 (0)1905 794875 and ask about any of our hi visibility jackets today.

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